Dave and Cheri Bartsch

My wife Cheri and I have been serving on the Gold Coast of Australia with YWAM for the past 18 years. And what an incredible journey it has been. The Gold Coast is such a significant part of Australia as it’s a port in which the world comes to our doorstep. With over 15,000 visitors every day and many of these being Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist, God has set up this incredible opportunity to share Jesus with thousands of people from all over the world.

As someone that has been saved out of a life of drugs, I am so thankful for the person that preached Jesus to me and led me to a church where I gave my life to God and had a powerful encounter with Him that changed me forever.

Both Cheri and I did a Discipleship Training School with YWAM Gold Coast and this is where God radically turned our lives upside down as we found each other, and a call from God to give our lives to young people and train them for the Great Commission.

We have met so many Christians over the years with a deep love for God and a passion to see Jesus known in their communities. The thing that stopped many of them was knowing how and where to start. This is where we found our God-space of empowering young people to bring transformation to the spheres to which they felt called.

We run 6-month discipleship training schools 3 times a year and a School of Worship once a year. These schools attract people from all over the world, with many different denominations under the banner of Jesus. This is a place where we facilitate a live-learn environment that takes what we are learning into our homes, to our meals and practically serves the community and each other.
We then take our young people to the nations where they get to preach the Gospel, pray for the sick and be light and salt in the communities that we work in. Our motto is to know God and make Him known. We have a deep desire to see our young people mature in their faith and bring Jesus to their worlds.

I remember walking through our city talking to God about the problems that I was seeing. I then heard the Lord speak to my heart very clearly, “Dave you can’t change what you don’t love”. I was a little shocked by what I heard but clarity quickly came as I was reminded of prayers that simply came from frustration and hurt. I was being reminded that it’s the love for something that can bring pure motives in how we pray and engage with things.

God wants to bring revival and see transformation in our city but He is looking for a people that will love the city the way He does.

I have wept over the scripture that tells us that “The harvest is ripe but the labours are few” (Matthew 9:37-38). The need to see mature believers serving God in the field is so important to advancing the Kingdom of God. This is what drives our vision to see people empowered and released into their God given call.

We are currently operating with a staff team of 21 people that are helping move the vision of YWAM Gold Coast further. We have a 10 year goal to see the entire youth culture transformed in the Solomon Islands. We believe God has given us a vision and mandate to see the young people discipled and brought back into the life of the church and to see a new revival come to the Solomon Islands. There have been so many great and exciting things that the Lord has done in this great nation. We are excited to be a piece of the puzzle in discipling and training the church in how to engage the lost youth of the Solomon Islands.

I heard a great quote: “God never gives you a dream that matches your budget”. This has been a motivating thought as we proceed with ridiculous dreams to see our city won for Jesus and building a training centre that will equip and send hundreds of missionaries every year into the field. As hard as it is at times to not get overwhelmed by the assignment of God and the “where do I even start?” the Holy Spirit has really encouraged me to surrender the dreams and finances to Him. The sooner we realise the assignment needs to be God’s, the sooner we don’t need to stress about what we can’t control.

We count it such a privilege to be able to serve God in the capacity that we are with YWAM Gold Coast. We are thankful for the prayers, encouragements and emails that we have received from many of you.
At times these have been life lines in the midst of stress, hardship and feeling overwhelmed.

Jesus is amazing! He really does take broken people and make them whole.

Dave, Cheri, Elianna & Verity Bartsch

Directors at YWAM Gold Coast

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