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On February 23, 2019 I witnessed something I had dreamed of all of my life. I was standing in a football stadium in Orlando, Florida with over 40,000 people and it wasn’t for a football game. It was people worshiping Jesus and hearing messages about the Great Commission.

Nine months prior to this, seven ministries came together to collaborate to see if unprecedented unity could bring an unprecedented breakthrough in missions and evangelism. A new organization, “The Send” was born. Our work with Youth With A Mission put us right into the mix. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing, but we felt that God was asking us to take a step of faith on behalf of a generation. For the last several years, statistics of youth showing interest in the Gospel have been trending downward. However, this is not what Jesus told us in Matthew 9:37 “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

We chose a date, rented a stadium and launched our campaign. The Send was a campaign to catalyze the everyday believer into Christ-like action. We worked tirelessly for months, prayed constantly, stared at a 1.8 million dollar budget wondering if anyone would show up. We felt God was asking us to call every believer to adopt one of these mission fields: 1) high schools; 2) universities; 3) neighbourhoods; 4) orphan care and foster care; 5) unreached people groups.

We created new platforms, on-line training, and a robust missions search engine. We wanted to eliminate the obstacles for people called to GO to actually be SENT. If thousands wanted to sign up at once, we wanted to facilitate that. We created a text message response system for people to respond. It all seemed to be coming together last minute.

At 5 am on the day of the event, we received a phone call that people were lining up around the stadium. At 6 am the streets were flooded with people. At 7 am we were told we would need to open the doors early to get people off the streets.

Throughout the day, we witnessed many miracles. We saw 525 churches unite together. We saw 58,000 people come through the stadium that day. We watched as thousands began to respond to calls to the five mission fields.

On February 8, 2020 145,000 people simultaneously filled three stadiums in Brazil. The hunger for God was tangible. God’s desire for the Nations was felt throughout the day. As again, thousands were called into the missions field. We challenged them to prayer, fasting and Bible reading plans to lay a foundation in their lives. This time we created an app to capture and facilitate what God was doing that day.

App Responses

  1. Universities 10,916
  2. High Schools: 6,949
  3. Nations: 18,476
  4. Foster care and Orphan care: 12,724
  5. 40 Day Jesus Fast: 44,326
  6. Salvations and Reconciliations: 7,847
  7. Bible Immersion: 50,141

Livestream Views:
Brazil:   2,227,258
US:  605,865
104 Nations viewed the livestream
58% of viewers were between 18-34 years old

Shortly after this event the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything began to close down. But did the Kingdom slow down? From our perspective it only seemed to be growing, even though we were postponing all in-person gatherings. We attempted to pull off the 12-hour Send event all online. Again to our amazement, the number of people impacted is staggering. We had over 3.1 million unique viewers to the livestream on YouTube throughout the days’ program. Through the great power of the Holy Spirit, there were over 6,000 responses to the Gospel! Through the app, we saw over 6,400 people commit to universities, over 7,700 commit to schools, and over 8,600 commit to the mission field of the Nations!

We plan to return to the United States to fill Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri in 2021 and are praying into multiple other Nations. It’s astounding to see what God is doing in the Nations as He is preparing all of us for a great harvest. Matthew 9:37 was true when Jesus said it and it will be true for every generation in any Nation. We hope these numbers encourage you to see how many young people are hungry for God no matter the statistics you may read. Those statistics are changed the moment a life is changed by the Gospel which is happening very single day.

Taylor and Julia Stutts

For more about Taylor and Julia visit ​http://www.taylorandjulia.com
For more about The Send visit ​https://thesend.org


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