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We the T family, from the Bergfeld Church continue to be engaged with helping/caring for our workers in Asia.  We are presently locked into Canada due to not being able to return to Thailand.  We came to Canada for a meeting in February and now are still not sure when we will be able to return to Thailand.  Sometimes it feels like we are being held hostage.  Often during this pandemic we count our losses, but I think it is also important that we acknowledge our gains as well.  We are presently living just outside of Winnipeg while we wait for word that we are able to return. This has given us the opportunity to be in Canada when our 3rd grand child was born.  We have also had much unanticipated time with our children. The article below was written by one of our awesome workers living in Asia.

Blessings and Shalom
The T family

Beauty Can Come from Ashes

Avant Ministries has been actively serving among the lost in Central Asia for many years.  In most recent years they started a new church planting group called the Avant Impact 31:3 team.  This team executes its ministry through holistic bi-vocational church planting activities.  The team intentionally trains indigenous church planters to be socially, financially and spiritually integrated into their communities while striving for long term self-sustainability.

In Central Asia the economic effect on the average citizen was felt within weeks of businesses shutting down.  Our bi-vocational church planters did not feel the economic sting immediately because they had their own personal business income to rely on and were not feeling threatened by the potential of donations drying up from foreign sources.

Many true acts of compassion and mercy have been seen during these days.  Several indigenous church planters gave liberally and freely from their own businesses to help their countrymen in desperate need (Acts 2:42-47; Colossians 3:17).  We have received many salvation stories from former Muslims across Asia.  The consistent theme from each of them is their disbelief in how their local mosque failed them and how Christians in their communities served them.


The Lord has allowed beauty to come from ashes during the current global pandemic. One such family had not eaten for three days and were refused help from their local mosque.  A Christian in their community heard and immediately reacted by baking bread and taking some food to them.  Overwhelmed by this Christians generosity they began to ask questions about her motivation a couple weeks into receiving daily help.  The love of Christ was made visible for them and they have now repented and have confessed Jesus as their Savior.


Avant has also established a humanitarian relief fund to supplement the growing financial burden and needs of our church planters in this part of the world.  If you would like to help please consider contributing to:

Avant Ministries
2121 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB R2G 1P8

Account #71936 Central Asian Humanitarian Relief

You may also donate online at


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