Church Building Update

From: Del Valle EMMC

To: EMMC in Canada

To whom it may concern, this is Pastor Diedrich Dyck giving a little update about out church building.

First of all, in the name of this church, I want to give a big thank you for the financial help that we have reserved from the conference and also a few other places. It is appreciated very much.

We are far from finished but we are well on our way, we had some setbacks because of not enough workers and also not getting the money from Belize to Mexico because of the virus and not able to go to Belize, but here we are doing well.

We have reserved money from a few different places which is a big help and also by now we have gotten all the money that was promised from the Conference and we are very thankful for that.

The walls are up, the floor is in, the roof is up and the windows are in. We have the doors ready but they need to be installed. We will make a veranda and for the veranda we have all most all the materials ready. We need the ceiling, the lights, fans and the washrooms.

We have started to have our services in the new building already because we didn’t have enough room at the school.

We are not sure when we will have the dedication service because we would like to invite the EMMConference and also churches from Belize but because the borders are still closed from Belize to Mexico, we are not sure what to do. Right now we are looking to see if we will be able to have the dedication early 2021.

Once again a big thank you from the church here in Colonia Del Valle.

May God bless each and every one.

Pastor Diedrich Dyck


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