We Are Thankful

After returning to Canada from Asia right when COVID-19 restrictions began taking effect worldwide, we have worked at adjusting to ministry under a new normal. At this point in the early fall, we typically would be in the middle of preparations to have me travel for ministry overseas again. These 3-week trips would include planning several conferences for indigenous pastors and missionaries in order to encourage them in the Scriptures. However, we are rather considering different possibilities for effective ministry right now.

We are thankful to the Lord for the blessing of technology during this season of restricted travel. I am still able to connect regularly with indigenous mission leaders in Asia we work with on a regular basis.

Our mission, Advancing Indigenous Missions (AIM) is in the process of planning remote, virtual training via Zoom with our overseas partners in Asia. We have had a few test runs and the results have been positive. Reliable internet connection is not available in every location where our partners are serving, however, so we still have questions about how we can best connect in some locations. We would appreciate prayer for a fruitful teaching ministry this fall and that the Lord would help us with the technological challenges which will likely be a part of the process. We don’t envision that this Zoom ministry will be a long-term replacement for what we have been doing because our mission values the face-to-face, in person ministry we see encouraged in the New Testament (see Romans 1:11-12; 2 John 12; and 3 John 13-14).

Over the past 6 months, AIM has made a concerted effort to provide emergency relief through our partners in Asia to the many needy who are facing critical situations due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Even as of mid-September (as I write this), restrictions have not eased, particularly in India and Nepal. Our partners cite that nearly every phone call they receive is from hungry people looking for the possibility of food aid. Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision so that we can assist our partners to help the needy they are in contact with. Many have responded to the Gospel message through these relief efforts and we praise the Lord for working through this tragic situation.

Working in Bangladesh has been a key focus of our family’s ministry over the past 12 years. We are pleased to announce that a new Bangladeshi has been appointed as leader of the local mission there. He has a passion for Evangelism and Discipleship, and planting churches in areas where the Gospel has not yet been preached. He has faced many persecutions in following Christ (such as having his own family arrest him, and being imprisoned for organizing and performing a baptismal service). Please pray with us for this brother and his family in their ministry leadership, and that the Lord would use us to be a great encouragement and blessing to them.

Thank you for your faithful encouragement and generous support in the Gospel.

Keith & Lorilee
Advancing Indigenous Missions

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