Go, Therefore!

We are Wilfred and Margaret Unrau hailing from the lovely small town of Plum Coulee in southern Manitoba. Although many ministry needs abound in our home area, God has called us to make an impact for Him in numerous distant locations. For several years now, we have been working under Multi-nation Missions Foundation, working particularly with the Low German community in Mexico, Belize, and sometimes in Canada.

During the winter months, January, February, and March, we have been teaching and mentoring at Steinreich Bibel Schule in Chihuahua province, Mexico. We love that setting to encourage young people in their walk with the Lord and in pursuing their service to Him.

During the rest of the year 2019, we have been in Belize, serving a young fellowship of born-again Christians right in the middle of the Old Colony Mennonite colony at Little Belize. It is an exciting privilege to be part of the Schoenfeld Mennonite church there. The people are eager to grow in their faith, to learn what the Bible teaches, and to live out their new love – shining the light of Jesus to the rest of the community.

In July of 2020, we started to teach a Low German class about the “Life of Christ through the Book of Matthew” online through the online platform Zoom – since this year’s world-wide Covid-19 pandemic wouldn’t allow us to travel to Belize. The people are deeply interested to learn and grow, and we get lots of opportunities to answer questions as they work through the study material through-out the week.

We are praying that others in Little Belize, and in the rest of the Low German world, would find forgiveness of sins and freedom in Jesus. Many people in the colonies live in spiritual darkness, and are bound by oppressive rules and required conformity. Only the true Light of Jesus Christ can set us free. We welcome you to pray with us for a great revival among the Old Colony Mennonite peoples.

On several occasions we have been invited to bring life-giving and healing mentorship to faltering churches as well. This summer, as we waited for international borders to open, a church in Texas contacted us, asking for pastoring help “like we had done in Vauxhall, AB, back in 2018.” We contemplated what that Alberta assignment had been like. Truly our aim was to encourage and bless the people, challenging them to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance – we had no detailed formula. Recently, once again, we have been invited to help a church regain the joy of the Lord – this time in Oasis, Mexico.

We are grateful that air travel is an available option for going to Mexico. With that option in mind, our home support team helped us discern and pray about an assignment in the desert community of Oasis. We are excited to see what the Lord will do among these people in the fall of 2020 and beyond.

Throughout this summer, and the last year, especially as we have processed difficult relationships and as Wilfred has studied for messages to present, we have found the Lord challenging us to allow Holy Spirit to renew our minds, to learn to think more like Christ. This is the message that can take us into the greatest freedom – freedom in Christ.

Romans 12:2 (NLT)
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think (renew your mind). Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

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