We Enjoy Ministering

We are Shawn and Nathalie Reeve. Along with our children Benjamin and Kaylee, we are missionaries with EMMC serving with Pioneers our sending agency. We enjoy ministering as a family and are so blessed to have you all as our church family! A special thank-you to Morrow Gospel, Bergfeld Mennonite Church, St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church and all our partners / supporters. We would not be able to do any of this ministry without you.

During the 2020 summer season, our programs had to adjust to the Covid-19 regulations of Level Orange. We were still able to function under the pandemic guidelines with our drop-in programs and our week-long vacation Bible school program. We social distanced and maintained a high standard of hygiene. Most of our programs are done by providing rides for  the children so this became very difficult as we could only take a child at a time. We had a great turnout despite the challenges, thanks to the tenacity of all involved. We started our fall programming again in September/October but had to pause our outreaches due to Level Red restrictions. We are so thankful to be a part of Morrow Gospel Church and its major emphasis on local outreach!

We conduct the following programs: Creator’s Kids / youth outreach, All Nations Drop-In and Parent Connection Coffee Time. We also like to transition the youth from our outreach programs into the Morrow Gospel Church Youth Group. We’re also involved in the community at a local multicultural center, the English Café and helping out at the food bank. These are great opportunities for us to build friendships with new comers to Canada by going out for coffee with the hopes to share Jesus with them. We also are involved at the local Youth for Christ with their lunch and after school program and being on their steering committee / board. Nathalie enjoys spending time and making friendships with many international students she comes into contact with within her days.

We had wanted to go overseas because we felt called to reach many different cultures and perhaps go back to China or somewhere in Indo-China. Amazingly, God has opened the doors to do this here in Canada with our family. We enjoy our ministry among all these diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. We are in Canada reaching the world! We are pioneering the effort to reach the nations locally. We are doing this together with the support and partnership with EMMC.

On New Year’s Eve, we received a text which greatly cheered us up and encouraged us to keep on keeping on. It comes from former youths who are now young men from Hindu and Muslim background that attended our All-Nations Club. It goes as follows:

“Hey Shawn! I really hope I have the right number. Ha ha, I been asking around. It’s John. (name changed) I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us before. Even if some of the guys didn’t appreciate it, me, Bill and Cliff (names changed) wanted to thank you. Because of you, we always had a place to play soccer, always gave us snacks, got into youth club, and introduced us to god. I would also like to apologize because we were not the best group of kids and we were misbehaving a lot. Thank you for not giving up on us. I hope you and your family are doing well, I miss you! Also, if you ever need help with programs or anything, please let me know as I would be more than happy to.”

No longer do you have to go overseas to reach the un-reached. Both methods of ministry are needed here and overseas. We are on a journey of change of the mission mindset. Many still think missions is “over there somewhere”. It has become both here in our own country, and “over there.”

We hope to start something called Margin Ministry which has a focus on the church reaching those in its margins specifically the Manitoba housing areas. Our vision is not just for our local outreaches but to help the churches of Winnipeg reach out in their areas. We are currently ministering to three Manitoba housing areas. Our goal is to have other churches get their feet wet by spending time at our outreaches and getting their questions answered.

We look forward to these Level Red restrictions to be lifted so we can continue to do ministry. At present, we’re calling and texting families to keep in contact. Morrow Gospel Church put together and distributed some Christmas hampers. At present we are putting together Covid-19 packages for each kid / youth in our outreach programs. The families are also getting a gift card for groceries to help them throughout these hard times.

We could not do ministry without our volunteers, supporters and supporting churches. Thanks to all of you and also those of you who are moved to support this ministry as a result of reading this featured missionary update.

If you would like to provide financial support for Shawn & Nathalie, go to:
https://pioneers.ca/give   Account Name: Shawn Reeve   Account #: 11720

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