God Is Still Moving

Travis and Krystalyn Harms work with InterAct Ministries of Canada in Thompson, Manitoba. They enjoy camping, walking their family dog Rover, and exploring the hidden gems of Northern Manitoba!

“Join in with what God is already doing”! While I was a student at Steinbach Bible College, I had the opportunity to serve in many different places and we were given this advice. It is prideful to think that God is not already at work wherever we are. We only need to ask for eyes to see and join God’s invitation to serve with Him. This advice has stayed with me all this time.

It has been 5 years since I moved north to serve with Midway Christian Leadership; merging shortly thereafter with InterAct Ministries of Canada. God is moving in the hearts of many youth, children and adults in the North. I have had the privilege of being an encouragement to some along the way.

I first met Michael, (not real name) at Midway Bible Camp several years back. He had decided to become a believer several months earlier in his home community and he was hungry for God’s Word. He gobbled up the Gospel of John like a teenager with their supper. We became friends and spent much time together that summer. I was able to see him semi-regularly through the next two years even though he lived in a community further away. He is still walking with God and we still talk and share from the Bible. He is still growing; coming up with questions like, “How do I apply the Bible to my life?” “Why do I still feel guilty after I pray for forgiveness”? It is God who nurtures this desire to grow and I am just thankful to be able to serve in this way.

Guys connect around doing things together. Midway Builders, Midway Bible Camp, hunting and ice fishing; we do everything to build relationship and walk together towards Christ.

God has also provided local mentorship. I have been blessed by much wisdom from Bert Brown and a fellow elder he introduced me to. They have encouraged me in the mission of reaching men with God’s Word. When the man in the family follows God, often the rest of the family will follow. For this reason, it is of great importance to raise up men that are walking with God.

My wife Krystalyn has been such a help in ministry. I have learned so much about relational ministry, Cree culture and hospitality from her. She has chipped away many attitudes that are less than helpful for ministry. Krystalyn has had a significant ministry with SALT Split Lake and Midway Bible Camp. She is a recent Bachelor of Social Work grad from Booth College in Winnipeg, and is planning to serve in the social work field. Krystalyn is passionate about Cree language preservation and decolonization.

This year gave me the opportunity to see that several young men that I have spent time with are still walking with God. Holy Spirit has grown fruit and ministered in Thompson and Northern Manitoba. God is still moving and Krystalyn and I are going to keep joining Him in what He is doing in the North.

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