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Image by Steve Johnson

Our Artroom initiative is all about bringing creative people to create for the Creator. 

Image by Debby Hudson

The EMMC Artroom is a collaboration group for creative people with the EMMC, creating media for the conference, its churches, and related ministries. The EMMC will occasionally open up projects for people to offer their creative abilities. This page is for all kinds of creative kingdom work, writing books, videos, print media, brochures, websites, promotional material, painting, needle point, etc.

The annual art contest results in a fundraiser to help support Youth Ministries and our Treasured Foundation youth event.

Art Contest
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the Art Journal

This timeless journal features artwork from talented EMMC artists of all ages. Journal proceeds will support Youth Ministries in your church and the larger conference. 

It makes a fantastic gift!

Image by Steve Johnson

2022 Art Contest Winners

Thank you for your entries!

Judging criteria

We found excellent, qualified judges who are artists, photographers, and writers themselves and understand the medium they were judging. Thank you to all our judges for your time, expertise, and feedback. 

Judges were presented with the picture and title/description of each entry. They did not know the artist name or church affiliation and based their scoring on the following:

  • Followed all contest rules

  • The connection between the art piece/photograph and the Bible Verse and description on how it relates to the artist's faith.

  • Entry details on creativity, technique, details, communication and difficulty based on the age group of the entry.

Judges provided positive and insightful feedback for every entry. All participants will receive the judge's comments so that they may be encouraged in their creative gifts and benefit from some tips that may be helpful in their artistic growth. 

Grand Prize Winner

grand prize

Grand Prize--Michael Krahn--Wind Power (40+).jpg

Wind Power

Michael Krahn
Aylmer EMMC (ON)

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Age Category: 15 and under

Age Category: 16-39 years old

Digital Art

digital art

Age Category: 16-39 years old


Age Category: 15 and under

Age Category: 16-39 years old