Life Of Christ #2: Year Of Preparation

Analyzes the first year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Preparation)

  • Emphasizes the preaching of John the Baptist, the repentance and the spiritual fruit.
  • Explains the main characteristics of the Pharisees and Sadducees, the Sanhedrin, etc.
  • The baptism of Jesus introduces the doctrines of the Trinity and the attributes of God.
  • The temptation of Jesus is the basis for looking at the inspiration of the Bible and a reflection on materialism, pride and violence in contemporary life.
  • Presents the concepts of "synoptic" and "chronological" and uses the technique of comparison to unite Matthew with the rest of the "synoptics" and John.
  • Emphasizes the extensive use of prophecy in Matthew. Teaches about the creed, the confession of sin and the use of symbols and examples in preaching.

Life Of Christ #2 - Table Of Contents

Life Of Christ #2 - Sample Chapter