Life Of Christ #3: Year Of Popularity

Analyzes the second year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Popularity)

  • Describes Galilee and the expansion of the kingdom in that province.
  • Analyzes: the statutes of the kingdom (the Sermon on the Mount), the proof of the kingdom (the miracles), enemies and examples of the kingdom (the parables).
  • Teaches about prayer and how to prepare sermons, make home visits, bring others to Christ and plan a new church.
  • Introduces the techniques of analysis and synthesis, giving the student ample opportunity to analyze in detail the Sermon on the Mount and prepare simple messages.
  • Shows how to use a concordance, Biblical dictionaries, commentaries, etc.
  • Shows how to compare related episodes in various Gospels and how to confront apparent contradictions in them.

Life Of Christ #3 - Table Of Contents

Life Of Christ #3 - Sample Chapter