Life Of Christ #4: Year of Passion

Analyzes the third year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Passion)

  • Deals with the doctrine of man, sin, death, correct and false concepts about the human body (transfiguration) and the spirit (spiritism), including practical matters such as: human relations, sex, marriage, family, possessions and ambition.
  • Shows the basic principles of pastoral psychology; emphasizes five common psychological adjustments and the Biblical teaching about each of them.
  • Deals with the authority in matters of faith (tradition, human reason and revelation).
  • Highlights the ministry in Judea and the three religious festivals (John) and the ministry in Perea (Luke).
  • Looks at the history of the division of the kingdom (Judah and Israel), the time of Nehemiah and the formation of the Samaritan people, the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, the period between the testaments and the Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius; introduces the student to the writing of Josephus.

Life Of Christ #4 - Table Of Contents

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