EMMC Missions



Reconciliation: restoring broken relationships and making enemies into friends. Reconciliation has been on my mind a lot in recent days. There has been a lot of conflict in Eastern Canada between Mi’kmaq lobster fisherman, who are exercising their rights as outlined in our treaty agreements, and non-treaty lobster fisherman, who are fishing as outlined under […]

Go, Therefore!

We are Wilfred and Margaret Unrau hailing from the lovely small town of Plum Coulee in southern Manitoba. Although many ministry needs abound in our home area, God has called us to make an impact for Him in numerous distant locations. For several years now, we have been working under Multi-nation Missions Foundation, working particularly […]

Let’s Chat!

Hello friends and family! Hands down, this has been our most unusual Home Assignment  We have not reached out to each of you, as we have in the past, mostly wanting to respect each families’ dynamics in the midst of this pandemic. We have very much enjoyed the visits we’ve been able to have, but […]

Time Has Been Our Friend       

We recently visited a missionary couple who moved to Whitehorse about a year ago. They asked us questions about how to make new contacts in a community. We shared a few things with them of what we found worked for us in our times in Pelly Crossing and Whitehorse, Yukon and Lac La Biche, Alberta. […]

We Are Thankful

After returning to Canada from Asia right when COVID-19 restrictions began taking effect worldwide, we have worked at adjusting to ministry under a new normal. At this point in the early fall, we typically would be in the middle of preparations to have me travel for ministry overseas again. These 3-week trips would include planning […]

Pete and Cathy Dyck

WEC International Church Planting Mexico “There are many plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 In the midst of all that is going on in our world today as it relates to COVID-19, what a comfort it is to know that God was not taken by […]

The T Family

We the T family, from the Bergfeld Church continue to be engaged with helping/caring for our workers in Asia.  We are presently locked into Canada due to not being able to return to Thailand.  We came to Canada for a meeting in February and now are still not sure when we will be able to […]

Travis & Krystalyn Harms

I have come to the realization I have not sent out a newsletter for a meaningful period of time. In my defence, I did have a wedding I was preparing for. Krystalyn and I celebrated our union on May 30 in a small ceremony here in Thompson. We were quite determined to get married despite […]

Harvey & Brenda Thiessen

Last year about this time, I joined my colleagues on a small island in Indonesia. The Area Leaders (senior leadership of the geographic zones in OM) meet 3 times per year to pray and seek the Lord in respect to the way forward for the mission. We prefer to meet in places like this island […]

Kristen Penner

My name is Kristen and I’m from the Bergfeld Mennonite Church in Manitoba. I’ve lived in Slovenia now for four years and am working with Avant ministries to plant a locally led church in Koper. These past few months have brought changes for all of us. I am currently in Canada since I was travelling […]

Taylor & Julia Stutts

Youth With A Mission Fire and Fragrance//The Send Huntington Beach, California On February 23, 2019 I witnessed something I had dreamed of all of my life. I was standing in a football stadium in Orlando, Florida with over 40,000 people and it wasn’t for a football game. It was people worshiping Jesus and hearing messages about the Great Commission. Nine months prior to this, seven ministries came together to collaborate to see if unprecedented unity could bring an unprecedented breakthrough in missions and evangelism. A new organization, “The […]

Wes & Carol Schellenberg (Avant Ministries)

The Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference has had a long-term relationship with Avant Ministries (formerly Gospel Missionary Union). Henry & Hazel Neudorf were the first EMMC/Avant missionaries; sent to Mali Africa in 1952. In 1958 another EMMC/Avant missionary was sent out – Carol’s father, George Wiebe. There are currently 5 EMMC members who are serving with […]