EMMC Missions


Taylor & Julia Stutts

Youth With A Mission Fire and Fragrance//The Send Huntington Beach, California On February 23, 2019 I witnessed something I had dreamed of all of my life. I was standing in a football stadium in Orlando, Florida with over 40,000 people and it wasn’t for a football game. It was people worshiping Jesus and hearing messages about the Great Commission. Nine months prior to this, seven ministries came together to collaborate to see if unprecedented unity could bring an unprecedented breakthrough in missions and evangelism. A new organization, “The […]

Wes & Carol Schellenberg (Avant Ministries)

The Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference has had a long-term relationship with Avant Ministries (formerly Gospel Missionary Union). Henry & Hazel Neudorf were the first EMMC/Avant missionaries; sent to Mali Africa in 1952. In 1958 another EMMC/Avant missionary was sent out – Carol’s father, George Wiebe. There are currently 5 EMMC members who are serving with […]

Scott & Patsy Buhler

Encouraging time of waiting and prayer for Scott & Patsy Buhler as Brazil becomes a major epi-center for the COVID virus. Your prayers and encouragement are valued and requested. Keep these missionaries in your heart!

Dave and Cheri Bartsch

My wife Cheri and I have been serving on the Gold Coast of Australia with YWAM for the past 18 years. And what an incredible journey it has been. The Gold Coast is such a significant part of Australia as it’s a port in which the world comes to our doorstep. With over 15,000 visitors […]

The Story of Peter Banman & Family

Peter Banman tells his story of faith, struggle and blessing.  In March 2020, Peter shared his story with members of the EMMC Prayer and Exposure Team.  Here he is at his home in Hacienda Verde, Bolivia.  The entire video is recorded in his native language of Plautdietsch.

A Family Restored

God is working through the ministry Scott and Patsy Buhler have the privilege of being a part of. Check it out!

Roots …

As we pulled up to the church and got out of the car, I knew I’d be in for a treat. The music could be heard from the down the street as the worship band warmed up. The warm Spanish culture was on full display as people  began to congregate outside the church and make […]

Prayer Exposure Team

On Thursday February 27 Braeden Friesen and I took off from Saskatoon, SK to join other team Prayer Exposure Team members in Chicago later that evening. All of our flights went as planned and the excitement  grew as we landed on the ground in Santa Cruz, Bolivia the next day. We asked for exposure and […]

Bolivia Exposure 2020

I was blessed to be part of the prayer team that went to Bolivia earlier this year. We had the perfect tour guide in Darrell Kehler, due to his experience in Bolivia as a missionary for 10 years. His knowledge of the language and customs of the country was invaluable. A highlight for me was […]

Generations Sana – Venezuela

After three years of prayer about visiting Venezuela, I obeyed the Lord and made plans to go. It was an open door like a Macedonian man saying come and help us. God is faithful he took us and he returned us. I traveled in the company of three pastors from Santa Cruz, Bolivia who also […]

MEM Bolivia Ministry

There is much optimism in MEM’s ministry among the Low German Mennonite people in Bolivia. It is rewarding to see the ongoing development in the communities of Villa Nueva, now nearly 15 years old, and the much younger Hacienda Verde near the city of San Jose de Chiquitos. There is excitement in the families and […]

Gord and Beckie Klassen

It has been a very full spring season up at Gem Lake Wilderness Camp, located in Nopiming Provincial Park, 250 km North of Winnipeg (past Lac du Bonnet). I just returned from the second of two work weekends hosting more than 35 volunteers who reshingled one of our largest buildings and helped to get camp […]