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From the start of the EMMC Conference outreach and involvement in missions has been a strong priority for leaders and members. Only a few short years after the formation of what was then the Rudnerweider Mennonite Church leaders sought to send out the first missionary. That missions emphasis continues, and as a relatively small conference of churches it is not possible to provide the finances and administrative oversight for all the individuals and families who feel God’s call to full-time missions whether locally, perhaps nationally, and also internationally.

To maintain a contact and to offer some ongoing support, both in prayer and financially, an Associate Missionary program was introduced. With this we are able to provide a continuing amount of financial support from the Conference missions budget to workers in various fields of service. Currently, about 20 couples/individuals are receiving this support.

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Missionaries in North America


We are Jenna and Dylan Brauner, and we currently live at Camp Cedarwood with our son Eli. What a wonderful winter it has been so far to be living in the woods! I (Jenna) served my first summer at Camp Cedarwood in 2010, and Dylan in 2013. We served a few summers before taking a break, and then returning in 2017. We moved out to Cedarwood in December of 2018, and have been living here since.


Tony & Janet Ens serve with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission in Whitehorse, YT. Their home church is Morden EMM Church, MB.


Marsden & Mandy Giesbrecht serve with Healing Hearts Ministry as church planters in Nipawin, SK. Their home church is Sutherland Evangelical Church, Saskatoon, SK.

Over the course of our years in Nipawin, Sask., we have been in the process of building relationships that point to Christ. We have been preaching and teaching the Good News of our Saviour as God has prompted, and we will continue to do those things as the Lord directs.


Travis & Krystalyn Harms serve with Interact Ministries of Canada in Thompson, MB.  Travis mentors young men through Mid-Way Builders. His home church is Altona EMM Church, MB.

“Join in with what God is already doing”! While I was a student at Steinbach Bible College, I had the opportunity to serve in many different places and we were given this advice. It is prideful to think that God is not already at work wherever we are. We only need to ask for eyes to see and join God’s invitation to serve with Him. This advice has stayed with me all this time.


Gord & Beckie Klassen serve with Inner City Youth Alive. Gord is the Director of Gem Lake Wilderness Camp. Their home church is Nassau Street Church, MB.


Tyson Murray grew up in the humble town of MacGregor Manitoba. He began working at YFC Portage in 2015.


Lori has been working with Inner City Youth Alive for the past 17 years in the Bridge Drop-in Program. The Bridge provides a safe and fun environment for kids and teenagers to connect with caring adults, learn and grow in faith, and develop leadership skills. Dan, Lori and Finley continue to navigate work and home life in the North End of Winnipeg, walking in faith through their journey in ministry.

My work as the Bridge Drop-in Director at Inner City Youth Alive has been altered in many ways over the course of the pandemic. I still connect with staff, support programs, and provide guidance and direction in our teen and children’s ministries, but I’ve also spent considerably more time knocking on doors and getting into the heart of the community. Connecting with parents and grandparents from six feet away has been a unique blessing during the challenges of this past year. The pandemic has hit all of us; affecting those on the margins especially hard. But it’s also brought us together. When the ICYA team checks in on a family and asks how they’re doing, we’re often asked the same questions in return. The concern goes both ways. While the desire to return to our regular programming is great, we’re continuing to see God at work in Winnipeg’s North End.


Andrew & Amie Reimer serve with Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA) in Winnipeg as Director of Leadership Development, MB. Their home church is Altona EMM Church, MB.

This winter we built on the momentum from the youth Discipleship Group in fall by doing another 8-week series. This time the theme was “Sharing the Life” and focussed on how we can serve others and share our faith. We talked about it but we also found ways to put it into practice. One week we decided to go for a walk in our neighbourhood with a thermos of hot chocolate and cups offering a warm drink to those we met. The guys I walked with really enjoyed serving people in this way and did a great job of being both bold and kind in approaching people; they said it’s something they would want to do again.


Wes & Carol serve with Avant Ministries out of Winnipeg, MB, where Wes is the accountant. Their home church is Glencross Mennonite Church, MB.

The Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference has had a long-term relationship with Avant Ministries (formerly Gospel Missionary Union). Henry & Hazel Neudorf were the first EMMC/Avant missionaries; sent to Mali Africa in 1952. In 1958 another EMMC/Avant missionary was sent out – Carol’s father, George Wiebe. There are currently 5 EMMC members who are serving with Avant Ministries and are associate missionaries with the EMMC. Learn more about Avant by visiting or by watching a video on the history of the mission at


Taylor and Julia have been with YWAM for 13 years serving in a number ministry outreaches from Hawaii.
Taylor uses his gifts of leadership and administration to plan and direct discipleship and training programs internationally. The goal of these events is to have young people meet Jesus in a transformational way; in a way that will challenge and equip them to reach into high schools, universities, and neighborhoods.
Currently Taylor is working as Mobilization Director for large stadium events.


Harvey & Brenda Thiessen serve with Operation Mobilization. Harvey is the North America Base Leader and Brenda provides administrative support. Their home church is Winkler EMM Church, MB.

The Holy Spirit, however is borderless and there is a growing awareness of the power of a life like the couple I visited to continue to reach the ends of the earth. Thank you for your partnership as we help to strengthen workers like this. To find out how you can use your skills and profession (young or old!) register at


Art Schroeder serves with Youth For Christ in Portage La Prarie, MB.


We are Shawn and Nathalie Reeve. Along with our children Benjamin and Kaylee, we are missionaries with EMMC serving with Pioneers our sending agency. We enjoy ministering as a family and are so blessed to have you all as our church family!

account name: Shawn Reeve account #:11720


We are Wilfred and Margaret Unrau hailing from the lovely small town of Plum Coulee in southern Manitoba. Although many ministry needs abound in our home area, God has called us to make an impact for Him in numerous distant locations. For several years now, we have been working under Multi-nation Missions Foundation, working particularly with the Low German community in Mexico, Belize, and sometimes in Canada.


Tami Zacharias serves with Operation Mobilization in Port Colborne, ON. Tami is OM Canada’s Director of Human Resources. Her home church is Winkler EMM Church, MB.

Missionaries in Oceania


Dave & Cheri Bartsch serve with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Gold Coast, Australia. Their home church is Aylmer EMMC, ON.

My wife Cheri and I have been serving on the Gold Coast of Australia with YWAM for the past 18 years. And what an incredible journey it has been. The Gold Coast is such a significant part of Australia as it’s a port in which the world comes to our doorstep. With over 15,000 visitors every day and many of these being Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist, God has set up this incredible opportunity to share Jesus with thousands of people from all over the world.


Murray & Carol Honsberger serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Their home church is Altona EMM Church, MB.

Visiting with so many of you these past three months, both in Manitoba and Ontario has been a wonderful experience. We are extremely thankful to God for each of you. It’s been good to share our respective joys and challenges.

It is our desire to return to Papua New Guinea for one more term (likely 4 years), with a short visit home in-between. Before we can return, we need to be at 100% of our support quota. Could you please join us in praying for some new financial partners? If you would like more information feel free to ask.


Carl & Pat Whitehead serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Their home church is Nassau Street Church, MB.

Missionaries in South & Central America


Scott & Patsy Buhler serve under Teach Beyond with a camp ministry called Quest in Brazil. Their home church is Niverville Community Fellowship, MB.


Pete & Cathy Dyck serve with WEC International. They recently returned to Mexico to continue ministry. Their home church is Aylmer EMM Church, ON.


Diedrich and Nettie Friesen serve with Multi-Nations Mission Foundation (MMF), providing music and teaching resources in the Low German language. Their music ministry, D’ Friesens, takes them to various parts of Canada and Central and South America.


Guillermo and Mary-Ann Reddekopp are serving as church planters under SIM in La Paz, Mexico. Their home church is Aylmer EMM Church, ON.

We have experienced answers to prayer in the past few months. Our house has become a home, our new car is running well, our Spanish and culture learning are progressing, relationships are building around us, I have received my permanent residency (Guillermo and the kids are already Mexican citizens) and there are so many more displays of God’s faithfulness.

Missionaries in Europe


My name is Kristen and I’m from the Bergfeld Mennonite Church in Manitoba. I’ve lived in Slovenia now for four years and am working with Avant ministries to plant a locally led church in Koper.


Missionaries in Asia


Keith & Lorilee serve with Advancing Indigenous Missions. They are based in Canada and travel frequently to work with their mission partners in Asia. Their home church is Nassau Street Church.

Our mission, Advancing Indigenous Missions (AIM) is in the process of planning remote, virtual training via Zoom with our overseas partners in Asia. We have had a few test runs and the results have been positive. Reliable internet connection is not available in every location where our partners are serving, however, so we still have questions about how we can best connect in some locations. We would appreciate prayer for a fruitful teaching ministry this fall and that the Lord would help us with the technological challenges which will likely be a part of the process. We don’t envision that this Zoom ministry will be a long-term replacement for what we have been doing because our mission values the face-to-face, in person ministry we see encouraged in the New Testament (see Romans 1:11-12; 2 John 12; and 3 John 13-14).

T Family

Jason and Laura (not their real names) live in Chiang Mai, Thailand providing member care for ministry workers in Asia including some in limited access countries. They travel extensively providing care, encouragement and support for these missionaries and their families.

Ms. H

Dee serves as a church planter in Central Asia, while currently focusing on learning the local language. She connects with and disciples young women that she meets through NGO work and in her neighborhood. Her home church is Bergfeld Mennonite Church, MB.