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Conversations Lead to Prayer

This summer which is normally our “rainy season” has not brought the needed rain to our valley. So many days we have seen the promise of rain in the clouds, but often, the clouds blew past our community without releasing their water. The land is thirsty; many crops failed without irrigation, the cattle are hungry, wells are drying up and hearts are heavy as people look towards the coming months that will be difficult.

Our intimacy with God depends on our communication between us and Him. We have been growing as a family in how we communicate with our Father in Heaven. Prayer is a worship chamber, a time of listening, a time of warfare, a time of declaring His truth. If we take the time to seek His heart and listen, we encounter Him in intimacy and revelation; He directs how we are to intercede and respond to what He shows us. Prayer is so much more than a quick blessing at meals or a tuck-in at bedtime … it is meant to be a constant, walking with our Creator.

In this valley, most of the Mennonites here have been raised with silent prayer, a bowing of heads at meals, and we have had several people mention that they don’t understand how to pray. As we spend time with people, we are usually led to pray for people aloud. In the old colony, this is unheard of, and yet, it has opened door after door for Guillermo into deeper conversations and invitations to return for future visits. People long for communication with El Roi, “The God Who Sees” them (Genesis 16:13).

Guillermo continues to visit many people in the community on a daily basis and God continues to open new opportunities to share His love and goodness. Having families and individuals in our home for meals, games, counselling, and friendship is always a blessing as we see God lead conversations and prayer times together. Church activities are always highlights in the week as we continue to build friendships and be an encouragement. Sam and Lavinia have been helping with Kids’ Ministry and Youth Ministry. It is wonderful to see their desire to serve where they can. Guillermo loves to preach in church or in the youth services. Mary-Ann loves the worship team (mostly music in Low German), and enjoys speaking to the youth

Sam (grade 11) and Lavinia (grade 10) are doing High School on-line, and Joshua (grade 7) is doing homeschool this year. Our lives feel very full (busy) and rich (blessed). There is no lack of ministry to do here in this community, so we need to be intentional to listen to God, following His leading as to what our roles and tasks are here in this community.

Praise & Prayer:

  • Please pray for continued health and safety

  • Praise God for continuing friendships with, Mennonites, Mexicans and missionaries

  • Please pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as we desire to serve where He is leading.

  • Please pray for Mary-Ann and kids as they continue to learn Spanish and Low German.

  • Please also pray for several of our new friends who need the Lord, but have not yet made decisions. Praise God for a growing depth of conversations and friendship with them

  • Praise and Prayer for discipleship opportunities with our kids

  • Please pray for our visit to Calgary, AB (December and January; for safety, successful appointments, God-honoring visits with family and friends, purchase of a ministry truck)

Serving in Mission / Team Mexico, Outreach

Home church: Aylmer EMMC, Ontario


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