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My 2023 Thanksgiving List

Perhaps I cheated a bit when writing this piece – I sneaked a peek at what I wrote last year. All those items that I listed last year are still true, and some items have become more precious to me. I’m adding to that list.

I am thankful
  • That Jesus is the One in whom I have placed my trust. He is the guardian and protector of my soul

  • My husband George, and our family

  • My health

  • My sight. I have dear friends who are blind or have limited physical sight. Yet, their understanding and insight contributes to my life in amazing ways

  • Technology that allows us to communicate with others next door and around the world

  • Technology that allows the Good News of the Gospel to reach people who may otherwise never hear about the love of Jesus

  • The beauty of nature and the rest and rejuvenation it provides

  • Photographers who share their photos of the beauty around us

  • Lessons learned in nature

  • Medical personnel who are able to assist when we need help

  • Our EMMC church family!

  • Pastors and Leaders who have been faithful to God’s call on their lives

  • Ability to share of our resources with others, whether it’s providing a meal to a grieving family, or buying a cup of coffee for a stranger, or bringing cookies to the road construction workers

  • People around me who are gifted in ways that I’m not! I can enjoy their creativity, celebrate their accomplishments and encourage their endeavors

  • New babies in our congregation

  • New people who are attending our congregation

  • Opportunity to celebrate with music – cranking up the tunes in my office or joining in singing with the congregation

  • Encountering fellow believers in interesting places, like a flea market vendor

  • Opportunities to learn from each other

  • Reports from countries that share of people coming to Christ in the most difficult circumstances

  • Celebrations can take on many different forms. Learning to celebrate with others is a wonderful gift

  • New friends

  • Friends that have been part of my life for as long as I can remember

May God be gracious to you all, and bring you peace this Thanksgiving season.


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