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Steinbach Bible College Celebrates 2023 Graduating Class

On the weekend of April 28-29, SBC celebrated another class of graduating students, both at the college chapel and at the Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church in Steinbach.

SBC Class of 2023

There was a total of 35 graduates this year: 4 Pursuit Experiential Leadership grads, 4 Certificate of Biblical Studies grads, 5 Associate of Arts grads, and 22 Bachelor of Arts grads.

The festivities began on April 28, where students, staff, faculty, parents, brothers, sisters, other family members, and friends gathered for the Spring Showcase on the SBC campus. Attendees enjoyed a night of worship, special music, skits from New Creation (the college drama troupe), plus a panel of professors where they shared about the life of a faculty member and took the opportunity to reveal some anonymous student course evaluations.

The night also featured the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the one-year certificate graduates. Josh Chen, one of the four grads being honored, shared some highlights from his year of Bible college. These included bonding with his roommate, the All-College retreat, and the first-year Mission Xposure trip in Winnipeg. Chen also noted the personal growth in his journey with God through his classes, the community at SBC, and that as he moves on, that he will look to continually seek God and his faithfulness in the next chapter of his life.

The next day, celebrations moved to McKenzie Avenue in Steinbach for the graduation ceremony. Family and friends watched on this special day as the AA and BA grads walked down the aisle, and across the stage to receive their SBC diploma. Afterwards, a banquet was held for graduates and some invited guests of the class.

“This graduating class was among the most diverse groups we’ve ever had,” Dr. Terry Hiebert, Interim President of Steinbach Bible College, said on Friday night. “Our vision of multicultural graduates, that are following Jesus, serving the church, and engaging the world for God’s Kingdom in meaningful vocations is coming to life.”

EMMC Grads (from left-right) – Adrian Miller (Morden EMMC, Manitoba), Kiara Thiessen (Altona EMMC, Manitoba)

The commencement address was given by former SBC President Dr. Rob Reimer, who is now the Executive Pastor at the Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church in Steinbach. He spoke out of Revelation 2:1-7, which is a letter that the angel of the Lord tells John to write to the church in Ephesus. Parts of verses 2 & 3 reads this “2I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance….3 you have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary.” (NIV)

“As life becomes more difficult for us as followers of Jesus, I encourage you to hold onto your training,” Reimer said to the graduates. “Reflect on your time at SBC, and how through the strength of the Holy Spirit, you endured. In fact, many of you flourished. We saw a better version of you because of your hard work and endurance.”

Riley Hiebert, chosen as the 2023 class valedictorian, reflected back on his time at the college. “It’s crazy that after many years of academic study, we can say that the one aim of our hearts and minds is not academic at all, but only to make Jesus fully known,” he explained.

Riley Hiebert, class valedictorian

Hiebert shared some encouragement for the graduates and special guests. “First, follow Jesus and submit to him in every area. Second, serve the church and bless the body of Christ in the ways we have been gifted. Third, engage the world and do it for God’s Kingdom.”

“I can confidently say that this is our prayer, that as the graduates of 2023, we desire to follow Jesus, serve the church, and engage the world all for the glory of God.”

The attendees and graduates also had the opportunity to hear from incoming President Dave Reimer, who will begin his service as head of Steinbach Bible College on June 1t. Reimer shared some poignant words with the grads, saying, “You worked hard for this, and it’s changed your character. So, go and continue to follow Jesus, because the church needs you and the world needs Jesus.”


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