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Living in God’s Kingdom

A practical study guide on the Christian life. It is an introduction to the Christian faith, suitable for baptism/membership and other classes.
Student book $5.00
Leader Guide $4.00

The Confession of Faith

EMMC’s Confession of Faith was adopted by congregations in 2001. This booklet provides the description of each statement together with the supporting scripture references.

Living Truth

Manual leads the reader through the EMMC Confession of Faith. Excellent for a Bible study group or any kind of group setting.
Student book $3.00
Leader Guide $3.00

Holy Wandering: A Guide to Deeper Discipleship

This is a 13-lesson guide that looks at following Jesus together. Quotes, discussion questions, and sidebar items will assist discussion and instruction.

Low German Resources

English Publications  |  Low German Publications

Daut Waut Noforschen (Exploring the Word)

by Dr. Jerry Hildebrand
Translated into Low German. Workbook style study for personal or group study.

Daut wieetvolle Läwen (The Abundant Life)

Translated into Low German. Workbook style study designed for group study. Used as an introduction to the Life of Christ workbook series. Student book

Christus sien Lawen (Life of Christ) workbook series

Six workbooks translated into Low German. This in-depth study series is designed for group study and is an excellent discipleship tool. Student book

Paulus sien Breef no de Efeesa. Een praktischa un aundachtlicha Studium äwa daut Läwen en Christus. (Life in Christ) workbook

Translated into Low German. A workbook style study designed for group study. In this practical and devotional study of Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church students will learn about the life in Christ. Leader’s Guide is $5.00. Student workbook is $10.00.

The Beginnings of the Rudnerweider Gemeinde 1936

This little booklet tells the story of God’s leading and the start of a group of churches which would in time, become the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC)