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WORKSHOPS @ the Gathering 2019

Don’t miss the Ministry Leader and Missionary updates & reports Friday, July 5, at 3:30.  EVERYONE INVITED & WELCOME!

and check out the Creativity in Worship – Busking/Coffee House put on by the SBC faculty fro 4-6pm July 6.

Creativity in Worship – Busking/Coffee House

Time: Saturday, July 6 4-6pm | Location: Sanctuary 2

Come out for a great time of Worship and Creativity.

If you would like to share your creative gifts through worshipping our Lord and Saviour, then contact us through our contact form or give us a call for more details.

If you interested in joining the growing Facebook group of EMMC creative people called the EMMC Artroom, visit the Facebook page and request an invite.

Christianity Explored: Intentional Gospel Centred Communities

Time: Saturday, July 6 11am-noon | Location: Upper Room 4

Our world is changing. Not only is our world becoming more biblically illiterate, but if recent findings are correct; the church appears to be growing more biblically illiterate as well. This is leading to a diminishing view of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also look around, and see the fall of Christendom meaning the majority of our culture wake up each Sunday morning, with no thought of attending a church, no matter how good the show.

With these two thoughts in mind, this workshop will explore the ministry of Christianity Explored, seeking to be those grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ, while exploring ways of evangelism, for the church in 2019.

Evangelism: Each One Reach One

Time: Saturday, July 6 1:15-2:15pm | Location: Upper Room 3

Ryan “I believe God’s will for our lives is to know God and to make Him known. It’s the making Him known part that makes us uncomfortable. I want to break down the simplicity of the gospel and give tangible and practical ways to share your faith. I’ll be using my own personal experiences as well what the Bible has to say about it.”

“If Christians actually believe in heaven and hell and the only way to heaven is through Jesus, how much do Christians have to HATE someone not to share their faith” – Penn Gillette, magician, performer and outspoken Atheist.

Let’s start with Each one Reach one!

CarePortal: Active Discipleship & Healthy Child Welfare Involvement

Time: Saturday, July 6 4-6pm | Location: Upper Room 3

In every community there are children and families in crisis and God has called the Church – your church – to care for them. While child welfare can be challenging to navigate, come discover practical ways in which Forever Families is connecting, equipping, and mobilizing churches across Canada to positively impact child welfare. Learn more about a new online platform they are introducing into Canada that connects churches with needs in the community through local social service providers. Hear God-stories of what’s already working and discuss common barriers your church may be facing. CarePortal is more than a humanitarian tool; it’s about active discipleship and forever impacting the future of vulnerable children and families.

Use your Gifts to Gather The Lost

Time: Saturday, July 6 11am-noon & 2:30-3:30pm | Location: Upper Room 3

Use Your Gifts To Gather The Lost: At this break out session we look at how God has created each individual with unique passions and skillsets. These can be used in a team setting to reach the lost in a way that is enjoyable for everyone. We will talk about how a pioneer leader and a

servant leader work together to complete a goal or task that God sets before them. After a short inspirational teaching and explanation, we will take some time to go through a worksheet that will help identify your skills, your role and your team that will help you reach others.

Strategic Discipleship: Preparing for the Harvest

Time: Saturday, July 6 1:15-2:15pm | Location: Sanctuary 2

In this workshop we will explore the importance of involving all people of all ages (including our youth) in the discipleship process. We will explore how opportunities for Short term Missions and training are part of this process.

Estevan-“God uses every person, church and organization that is willing to do their part in the multiplication of disciples and congregations. This is the expansion of the kingdom of God in fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to sharing with you and being with people who are willing to work globally to continue the multiplication that God likes and send more workers for the world harvest.”

Rethinking the Pathway to Church Planting

Time: Saturday, July 6 2:30-3:20pm | Location: Upper Room 4

We are often asked- To plant or not to plant a church? Why plant churches? When is my church ready to plant? What does it take to plant a church?

What if these are the wrong questions? Church Planting is not for the “faint of heart”. We will talk about when “every-day” people living out of the overflow and living on mission set the stage for church planting and revival in our churches. Join us in “rethinking the pathway” to church planting.

Emotionally Healthy Church

Time: Saturday, July 6 4-6pm | Location: Upper Room 4

How emotionally healthy is your church? You may be a sincere and passionate follower of Jesus Christ, but how aware are you of the crucial link between emotional health and spiritual maturity? Do you often address issues with information and knowledge, but fail to engage with the emotional health of those around you?

In this workshop you will learn why engaging the Head, Heart and Hands is key to the development of emotionally healthy disciples. Explore how to create a relational church environment where people can experience grace as they grow towards maturity.

Belonging: A Foundation for Discipleship

Time: Saturday, July 6 1:15-2:15pm | Location: Upper Room 4

In this workshop we will explore what the Bible has to say about the “family of God” and how that shapes the discipleship process. We will also discuss practical ways in which we can, in our congregations, work towards a culture where people feel a deep sense of belonging.

Everyday Women following Jesus

Time: Saturday, July 6 2:30-3:30pm | Location: Upper Room 3

The workshop is specifically for women. Old or young, new to the faith or a follower of Jesus for many years. If you are a woman, this workshop is for you. As women, we know the truth of the gospel and we know the stories of the life of Jesus. But we don’t always know what that means for us as we live life, every day. In this workshop we will dig into scripture, have interactive-discussions on what it means to rely on Jesus, the role of Holy Spirit in our everyday situations and exploring why the Gospel is Good News for us as women today.

MEM Bolivia Ministry

Time: Saturday, July 6 2:30-3:30 | Location: Sanctuary 1

Bill Kehler & Abe Harder Missions Report

1Gloowen Network

Time: Saturday, July 6 11am-noon | Location: Sanctuary 1

Associate Missionary Reports

Time: Saturday, July 6 1:15-2:15pm | Location: Sanctuary 1

You remember the excitement of missionary reports in your church. You could almost feel the heat of the tropics and hear the night sounds of the jungle. Much in our world has changed since those days. Has missions outreach changed since then? How are mission agencies dealing with those changes? And how are missionaries coping with ministry in a changing world? How does technology affect their work? Is the world receptive to the Gospel? On Saturday afternoon of the Gathering veteran of foreign missions, Carl Whitehead of Wycliffe, along with Jason (name changed to protect contacts in limited access countries), will be exploring these and other trends in missions today. They’ll share their insights and answer questions you may have.

WORKSHOP PRESENTERS  @ the Gathering 2019

Abe Harder

Abe and Margaret pastor the church in the community of Villa Nueva near Pailón. Their gifts of leadership development and hospitality are an encouragement to the people in the community and surrounding area. They are members of the Aylmer EMMC church.

Al Kehler

EMMC Conference Pastor, 1Gloowen Director

In May 2004, Allen joined the EMMC staff as Conference Pastor. During his time he has also filled in as Interim Pastor at the Hague Gospel Church in Saskatchewan. Allen and his wife Anita are often referred to as the Grandparents of the conference; a testimony to the many relationships they have built. Allen and Anita make their home in Winnipeg, and enjoy valued moments spent with their children and grandchildren.

Al Letkeman

Pastor Al serves as the Senior Pastor at Nassau Street Church, Winnipeg (NSC).  As such he guides the pastoral team, along with the church leadership, to bring spiritual oversight to the body, seeking to have NSC be a place that strives to equip God’s people to extend God’s kingdom.  In this capacity he is involved in preaching, counselling & visitation, giving guidance to particular ministries along with facilitating various foreign church and mission relationships that NSC has established.

Andy Porter

As Pastor of Community Life and Evangelism, Andy’s role involves seeking opportunities for building community within NSC. Andy will be working with our small group leaders to give direction and encouragement. Andy will also be seeking to initiate community activities that will enrich fellowship and, well, just be good fun!  Andy will seek to encourage mentoring relationships within the church.  Andy will also seek to equip and encourage NSC in our role of evangelism through discussion and teaching as well as by utilizing programs like Christianity Explored.

Bill Kehler

Bill is the Field Director for the MEM ministry to the Low German people of Bolivia. Along with leading the MEM team of workers Bill provides leadership for the development of the new community of Hacienda Verde near San Jose and to head up the radio station there.

Blaine Dueck

Lead Pastor of Spanish Lookout EMMC, Belize. Married to Melissa, father to 3 young girls.

the T Family

Avant Member Care, Asia
Home church: Bergfeld Mennonite, Man

Carl & Pat Whitehead

Carl & Pat Whitehead serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Their home church is Nassau Street Church, MB.

Carmen Man

National Field Ministry Director of Power to Change

Darrell Kehler

Leadership Developer, Coach, Consultant with SCOPE Leadership Development. With 20 years of leadership development experience, I am passionate about coming alongside individuals and organizations to help them live out their fullest potential! As a developer, arranger and life-long learner, I enjoy stepping into diverse situations to help put the pieces together for greater effectiveness.

Estevan Gonsalez

Pastor- Santa Cruz Bolivia, Leadership Development – Latin America Global Disciples

Ewald Unruh

Ewald is the Regional Director for Multiply in Manitoba, where he seeks to inspire people to love and serve God as biblically-functioning disciples, becoming leaders and churches who reproduce. He joined the C2C church planting network in 2011, and has served as both a church planter and a pastor. Ewald and his wife Linda live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and are part of The Meeting Place church family.

Harold & Wendi Park

Harold and Wendi Park founded Forever Families of Canada in 2014 after being gripped by the disparity of child welfare in Canada and the need for healthy Church engagement. Wendi is currently working with her team to contextualize and launch CarePortal across Canada. Harold dedicates his time to CareAcademy, a new Forever Families initiative of diverse Christian professionals collaborating to equip churches, ministries and social serving professionals in effectively caring for vulnerable children and their families. Living in Winnipeg, Harold & Wendi are parents to a growing family that come by birth, adoption, foster care, and doing life in community.

Lloyd Letkeman

Lloyd serves as Mission Mobilizer for Central Canada, connecting churches with the call to join God in mission. Together with our team of staff and volunteers he works to administer many of the programs and processes that aid our partner churches in expressing our international mission of holistic church planting that transforms communities among the least reached.

Rob Wiebe

Rob and his wife Priscilla are raising their two children in Blumenort, MB and are active in their local church. They officially joined Give The Word in September of 2014 and are working while they raise support as Ministry Development Reps; building relationships with local businesses and churches to raise awareness about sharing God’s word.

Ryan Rempel

Ryan Rempel resides in Winnipeg and a husband and father to three children. Ryan Rempel is the director and founder of Give the Word. After being involved Bible and evangelism ministry for over 5 years, Ryan started the ministry of Give the Word from the ground up in April of 2013. Ryan realized that their was and is a great need for ministries to have free access to Bibles that are specifically designed for outreach. He also experienced the disconnect that Christians feel to share their faith with the people around them and wanted to help Christians experience the joy that is found when we make ourselves available for Christ to use us for the kingdom.

Taylor Stutts

YWAM Huntington Beach, Ca.- DTS. Lead organizer for Commission the City.