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Bolivia - Villa Nueva and Hacienda Verde

School for Children

It’s time to open our eyes…to the needs! Our school in Villa Nueva, Bolivia has 189 students in it, with over 300 under our administration. Our school at Hacienda Verde is at nearly 50 students and we expect that to hit 200 in the next few years. The school at La Fortaleza has nearly 700 students. All of these schools provide high-quality Christian education and is an investment in our future leaders. A number of graduating students have already returned as teachers for this generation of students! The cost of this quality of education continues to rise making it difficult for some parents to send their children. You can help! Help us provide student subsidies to parents in need. Our world is in need of educated Christian men and women to be differencemakers. Please join us in this mission. YOUR DONATIONS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Developing the gift of teaching

It’s time to open our eyes… Pastor Abe Harder saw needs in his neighborhood of Villa Nueva, Bolivia, and in the surrounding communities. His burden for the lost, and the very real need to develop people to join in this ministry, led him to the SETA (SEAN-Study by Extension for All Nations) discipleship courses. He invited people in his church and twenty came. A young local couple, David and Whitney, were asked to lead one of the groups. Whitney’s first response was, “Who are we to lead these people? SURELY God, there MUST be someone more qualified.” But as they led their group their confidence grew. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called! I met David and Whitney in Bolivia in March and there was an obvious, growing faith, and a development of their gift of teaching. David and Whitney shared of the joy in watching lives transformed and maturing, and then sharing that with others. That’s discipleship! Today, a new class is starting, and this church now has 29 people actively being discipled in this way. Are our eyes open to the discipleship needs in our churches? We must empower and disciple new leaders to grow and share their faith. Whether in Canada or in our global ministries we are compelled to MAKE DISCIPLES. Do you SEE the need? Come and be part of the making of more of these stories. YOUR DONATIONS MAKE THIS HAPPEN.