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Fulfilling the mission Christ has given requires Church Leaders who are capable, visionary leaders who serve their local church with passion. Leaders will determine the church’s health, growth and effectiveness in mission.

“Everything rises and falls with leadership.” ~John Maxwell

The EMMC 5-Year Strategic Plan provides a basis for a renewed obedience and response to Jesus’ call to “Make Disciples” in Matthew 28:18-20. From that perspective, we place an emphasis on leadership development and discipleship as the foundation of becoming obedient to the Great Commission.

The Biblical Basis for Developing Leaders

Leadership development is part of the discipleship process.  The process of becoming more like Christ in heart, motivation, character and relationship.  Leaders are ultimately servants, serving God first, and then the people they have been entrusted to lead.  Christian leadership development is a deliberate process to equip disciples of Jesus Christ to be effective godly influencers in the areas they have been called to serve.

We believe:

  • Leadership development is a process, a life-long journey, not an event.
  • Leadership development has a specific focus, to help people develop the heart and skills needed to lead effectively.
  • Leadership development has a purpose, to effectively fulfill the mission of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to a waiting world.

The Essentials of Leadership

Christian leadership development produces life transformation in three areas often referred to the Head (Knowledge), Heart (Character) and Hands (Skills). We view these as the three legs of a stool, each needed for balance and all focused on Christ.  All three need to be developed in every believer.

Heart (Character): A Christ-like character is foundational to the life of a leader.  Character sustains leadership.  When a leader demonstrates consistent integrity, trust is built.  Effective leaders develop Christ-like character as they grow in intimacy with Jesus, leading with the heart of Jesus in their workplace, family and church.

Head (Knowledge): A Christ-like leader has a growing relationship with Jesus and desires to better understand the Bible.  This knowledge needs to be skillfully applied in everyday life. Effective leaders develop knowledge in the Scriptures, self, leadership principles and how that impacts the Great Commission.

Hands (Skills): Christ-like leaders who have the foundation of a Christ-like character, who are growing in their relationship with Jesus, are aware that certain skills are required to work towards a common goal.  The skills of leadership include a wide range of learned abilities including relating to others, leading change, communicating vision, equipping others, and building effective teams.

We believe that leadership development is an ongoing process of equipping disciples to become Christ-like leaders, having a healthy balance of Head, Heart and Hands with the goal of building the Church and reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus.

Our desire is to build the leadership capacity within our local EMMC churches.  Our purpose is to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE our churches for effective ministry, EMPOWERING them to participate in God’s work in the world.

SCOPE Leadership Development provides a variety of customized services to assist you and your organization to build stronger leaders and healthier teams. Through the customized use of accurate assessments, interactive workshops, personalized coaching and consultation, we equip and empower you and your team to lead more effectively. The approach is grounded in God’s call to make and equip disciples according to passages such as Matthew 28: 18-20, Ephesians 4:11-13, and 2 Timothy 2:2.

The focus of the Leading with Vision workshop is on the process of leading effective change in the church, ministry area, or organization. It is applicable to leaders (and potential leaders) at all levels of leadership. This past year and a half we have taken 400 EMMC church leaders through this workshop with excellent results. Church leaders usually find that this workshop leads to further healthy dialogue and implementation of the church vision. You may find it helpful to talk to Lyn Dyck, EMMC Executive Director, to hear his observations during and after the workshops with church leaders in various churches situations.

Leading with Vision

This interactive workshop provides practical guidance to effectively lead a group or organization through the process of positive change. The workshop presents a simple framework that captures the complexity of effective leadership. Leaders will learn effective skills in leading their team toward desired outcomes.

The workshop is typically delivered over 10 to 12 hours, over a weekend or series of evenings. Before the workshop each participant must complete an online assessment. During the workshop participants will receive their personalized Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile. Upon completion of the workshop access is provided to which allows participants to create free Comparison Reports with team members.

We draw in leadership lessons from the book of Nehemiah, as well as church growth concepts. The workshop is highly interactive, allowing individuals to learn from each other, as well as identify concerns and needs within the leadership team. Dialogue invariably continues beyond the workshop toward implementation of God’s vision for the church. The group workshop may be followed by individual coaching with a certified coach to enhance understanding and application.

Participants will gain practical insight about:
• Their God-given DiSC style and how it impacts the way they lead a group of people
• The process of leading a group or organization through effective change
• Personal strengths and challenges within their tendencies in 18 leadership best practices
• Identifying tangible action steps to lead from vision to effective outcomes
• The current dynamics and challenges within the organization

SCOPE & Darrell Kehler

Darrell Kehler

Darrell Kehler launched SCOPE after more than 20 years of working in leadership development with a broad range of individuals and organizations.

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