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Treasured Foundation

Coming up on
Dec 28-31, 2023

Treasured Foundation is our youth conference. It happens every 3 years at the end of December. TF focuses on connecting youth and youth leaders and inspiring them toward a deeper relationship with God through sessions, mini-sessions, worship, activities, and service opportunities. It is always a highlight for those who choose to make it a part of their year.

Conference Crowd

Over the years since Treasured Foundation’s inception, countless youth from across the EMMC have experienced growth and spiritual value at the event. What has always set TF apart is its focus on building an intentional time for youth and their leaders to deepen their faith in God, while also connecting with other Christians, and serving together. This happens through worship, sessions lead by Christian leaders, prayer times, and hands-on service in the community. It also happens between these elements though, in ways and at times we cannot predict.

This is one of the many reasons we ask for and cherish your prayers as we prepare for this event!

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Registration Deadline is November 30, 2023

Register by October 31, 2023 to be entered to win amazing early bird prizes

Event Info:
December 28, 2 pm - December 31, 4 pm 
Steinbach, MB (Steinbach Bible College & Roadhouse 52 Hotel) 

Cost: $250 

Main Speaker: Kent Martens 

Theme Passage: John 10:27-28

For more information, please email Tim Goertzen at 


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