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LIEAB is a group of churches in Bolivia that are made up of Bolivian nationals. LIEAB is a result of the 50 years of ministry of EMMC in the Santa Cruz area. This conference of Spanish speaking Bolivian churches is active in church planting, education and leadership development, youth and young adult discipleship, and is actively discerning a further move into international missions.

EMMC missions outreach into Bolivia began in the late 1960s. What started as a work among Low German Mennonite people migrated into a work that included outreach to Bolivian nationals.


In the following decades that ministry to Spanish speakers has grown into what is today known as LIEAB, La Iglesia Evangélica Anabautista en Bolivia.


LIEAB currently consists of over a dozen churches primarily in the Santa Cruz area of the country. It is mostly an autonomous conference with a deep and continuing appreciation for EMMC and the workers that have been a part of their spiritual journey.

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