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LIEAB Leadership Development

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA -- On April 27 our EMMC staff was able to take part in a LIEAB Commissioning service. These 9 couples were being recognized for completing the Project Timothy Leadership training during the past two years and are now being commissioned as apprentice church workers. They will be mentored as apprentices in LIEAB churches and church plants for the next two years and at the end will be recognized as Pastors ready to serve in the LIEAB family of churches.

There are many opportunities around us. Please be in prayer for these leaders in training, and for all our churches and ministries, that we would have the passion and conviction to raise up godly leaders within our churches. Pray for vision as we seek to train more leaders to work in church ministry.


This article was originally published in The EMMC Recorder Vol 59, No. 4


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