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Beyond Bolivia

This recent trip to Bolivia by EMMC staff has provided many exciting opportunities! Lyn Dyck, Executive Director, Kelly Lesser, Pastor of Care and Mission, Darrell and Elaine Kehler, Director of Discipleship were able to connect with leaders beyond Bolivia. They went to Bolivia for MEM Low German Ministry Partnership meetings in Hacienda Verde January 17 & 18. Various connections and relationships opened the path for more interaction in other countries.

On January 23, Lyn, Kelly and Darrell were part of a Facebook Live presentation coordinated by RIMI leaders Kirk Hanger, Estevan Gonzales and Cosme Sanchez. Technology made it easy to connect to a much broader audience beyond Bolivia.

The presentation “Character of a Leader” focused on pre-selected questions: what is character? What should motivate a leader? What is godly character? Pastor Franz Gutierrez Sempertegui of Luz y Esperanza church led the conversation, which was recorded at the back of the church.

This presentation was viewed / heard by people in Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, USA, Canada, Philippines, Cuba and a few other countries. The broadcast was also carried on a TV channel.

It’s exciting to see the various locations around the world that were impacted by this presentation.

Years ago, a prayer at the EMMC office was “Lord, expand our tent!”. Well – the Lord is faithful and good, and is expanding the spread of the Gospel and instruction for leaders in exciting and unexpected ways!


This article was originally published in The Recorder Vol 60, no. 1


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