Special Projects


MEM SAN JOSE RADIO Fund  |  Give to this Project

In their home in eastern Bolivia a family gathers around a radio to listen to messages that encourage and uplift. Programs, especially those in Low German, provide some relief from the day-to-day struggles. The Radio del Campo Boliviano station in the city of San Jose is operated by MEM ministry staff and broadcasts the message of God’s love and hope to a region that has an estimated 10,000 potential listeners in Mennonite colonies and additional thousands of mainly Spanish-speaking Bolivians in the area. Your gift to this fund will ensure Low German radio programming continues and lives will be changed, as the truth goes out.


Bolivia Relief Fund Give to this Project

Unexpected situations come up – these can quickly change a manageable budget into loans and debts that need attention. It’s not unusual for missionaries with the MEM (Misión Evangélica Menonita) ministry to the Low German Mennonite people of Bolivia to be asked to help cover expenses for medical emergencies and other unforeseen expenses that can put a family with marginal income into a difficult circumstance. A gift to the Bolivia Relief Fund can help our MEM staff provide some financial help in situations that in their opinion is essential.



Low German School Curriculum Project  |  Give to this Project

Several hundred students from Low German Mennonite families attend government registered schools which operate under the direction of MEM educators. These students study in Spanish, English, and Low German. MEM is providing funding to pay the salaries of two full-time linguists who are developing a Low German school curriculum. In time it is expected that this curriculum will be used not only in Bolivia, but in areas of Mexico, Belize and even Canada and the United States. Your donation will help cover the costs of salaries and supplies and printing of materials.