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An Update from Murray and Carol Honsberger

Papua New Guinea – The days and evenings are flowing into each other as we push to reach the goals we have set with the team. You are a critical part of our work here among the Kwomtari people. We are deeply grateful to each of you for the valuable role you play in translating God's Word.

Our friend and co-worker, Thomas Didiki, passed away in August. You have joined us to pray for him for many years. He was the first man to begin working with Murray. He so desired to live to see the dedication, but God saw fit to relieve him of his failing earthly body and take him to his eternal home. Thomas’s final words, in his last days, was to “stand firm and carry on the work”. When we arrived in the village September 28, his family was waiting to grieve with us.

Pray for Raimon and Joseph as they work with Murray to finish the last two chapters of Acts in preparation for consultant checking. Pray for keen eyes and discernment to see any issues in the text that may need to be changed for consistency and readability. Kidu Magi, a national consultant, has agreed to do the consultant checking for us in March 2024.

One essential step in Bible translation is village testing, in which speakers of the target language listen to short portions of scripture being read, and answer basic comprehension questions. This helps us ensure that the translation has a natural flow and is communicating what it should. This needs to be completed before the end of November. Pray that people will be happy to come and share in this task. So far, it has been very encouraging. Raimon and Joseph are hiking to other villages to included them in this step.

Mid-November we will need to select the best Kwomtari readers (Thomas was one of them). Pray that the right people will be chosen to read the translated scripture portions for the recording. They will need to practice their assigned books. Recording is booked for April 2024.

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for health and energy for the translators, advisers, consultants and people in the Kwomtari communities.

  • Pray for computer and printer protection during these critical months.

  • Praise God we were gifted a replacement satellite phone to use for internet connection, while in the village. Our old one died earlier this year.

  • Pray for regeneration in the hearts of the Kwomtari as they turn from traditional beliefs and trust in Christ alone who can save them.


The dedication of the Yalë scripture portions is planned for Easter 2024. Please continue to pray for a worshipful dedication ceremony filled with praise and thanksgiving for the Lord’s blessings.

A dedication committee has been formed. Pray they will come mid-November to finalize plans with Carol.

Boaz came last week to report on distribution/sales progress and dedication plans. He plans to come again mid-November. There will be a good opportunity for promoting the pre-sale of the print/audio formats at the area church gathering in 1 week. 72 (of the 400) pre-sale cards have already been sold.

Boaz also reported that he has seen changes in the lives of the Yalë people, since the Oral Bible Storytelling workshops and the Scripture and Leadership Training course. Praise the Lord! Pray for receptive hearts as the Yalë grow in God’s Word and learn how to apply it in their lives.

Pray that the Father continues to produce lasting fruit for generations to come.

Home church: Altona EMMC, Manitoba


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