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KidMin Plugged In Update

Most churches found themselves planning for the new ministry year last September with a greater sense of normalcy. The ability to facilitate children’s ministry within a more stable structure, placing less of an emphasis on making adaptations to format and content presentation, provided KidMin leaders with an opportunity to focus more on creating or improving volunteer culture.

This topic was the focus of the EMMC Plugged In community Zoom chat in October. We were reminded that ‘… we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2:10) Our work – ministering, equipping, supporting, guiding and teaching – the children in our respective churches is intentional, created for us, by God, in advance. Rolling up our sleeves and joining in this important work is an ‘offering’ of our time – it’s our sacrifice. With God as the master architect behind this very important build, each one of us has been equipped with specific gifts, talents and abilities that have come straight from His hand!

A healthy volunteer culture:

inspires people to get involved because the purpose, goals and vision for ministry are clear. At best, we may have about 40 hours per year to impact the kids in our care … it’s critically important to make the most of it!

empathizes with fellow members of the KidMin team, many of whom go to school, are parents, have jobs and busy lives! Effective communication is essential; weighing and balancing the family ministry schedule well is also really important, taking care that there aren’t too many commitments for families, even though all of the opportunities may be good ones!

builds community by inviting KidMin leaders to be part of a team, with a common purpose, goal and mission. Team building opportunities are an integral part of establishing community, along with acknowledging time, effort and commitment to the mission by expressing appreciation and gratitude to each member for their involvement and contributions. An intentional prayer time not only undergirds each team member, but brings cohesiveness and close fellowship. Building community makes the transition from simply filling vacancies on a kidmin team to intentionally creating a healthy volunteer culture that is full of vitality, passion and commitment!

Changing your volunteer culture takes time, intentionality, hard work and patience; but the benefits and growth that result are worth it, bringing clarity to the purpose of your mission, vitality to your ministry and longevity in a dedicated team of KidMin staff!

The community Zoom chat was Annie Bergen’s last official Plugged In commitment for 2022 as she and her family prepared to welcome a new baby! Annie and Herman’s little boy made his safe arrival near the end of November and she is currently focusing her attentions on her family while on maternity leave from her position at Deer Run Church in Leamington ON.

We are looking to reinforce our KidMin Plugged In leadership team! If you are a KidMinleader who would like to get involved in creating opportunities for KidMin leaders in our EMMC churches to connect, support, and encourage each other to learn and grow, we invite you to join our visionary team! We would love to continue building and supporting our KidMin community by sharing amazing experiences, sharing information and resources, and providing encouragement and prayer support for one another as we continue to serve and minister to the kids (and their families) in our churches!

Get Plugged In! If you are a KidMin leader and haven’t been receiving emails from us about community chats or connected with us in our Facebook group. Or, learn more HERE.

There are a few awesome opportunities for KidMin leaders to be empowered, equipped and encouraged coming up soon! You may want to consider participating in:

  • ReFuel Workshop, designed to keep KidMin leaders equipped, encouraged and empowered, these workshops are a great resource! Consider zooming in to hear about:

    • Parenting Faith, February 16 @ 1:30 p.m. Join host Lindsay Callaway to learn more about how parents pass faith onto their children at home.

  • Awesome KidMin Conference - March 10-11 at the North Kildonan MB Church in Winnipeg, MB. Returning keynote speaker Christie Worden will be joined by Josh Denhart and Joyce Rees, along with a full slate of breakout sessions featuring a variety of topics. For more detailed information about leadership labs, breakout session content and bios on keynote speakers, check it all out here:

  • Online community for support to kidmin leaders - If you aren't able to commit to attending the conference in person, make sure to watch for important updates to the Awesome KidMin Community in their newsletter. If you haven't subscribed and would like to receive regular updates in your inbox, sign up using this link:


This article was originally published in The Recorder Vol 60, no. 1


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