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Celebrating Ordination

The Ordination Service for Pastor Jesse and Kelsey Doell was held at Hepburn Gospel Church on September 19, 2021. Kelly Lesser, Pastor of Care and Mission and Lyn Dyck, Executive Director of EMMC came from Winnipeg to participate in the service.

Pastor Kelly challenged the congregation from 1 Peter 5:1-4 “What does it mean for all of us to be called by the Lord?” Each one is called by God, to share the gospel of who Jesus is and to live out that calling where God has placed us.

A pastor’s call is also to equip and shepherd God’s flock by willingly and eagerly being an example so they can fulfill their calling. Today we as a conference, gather with you to celebrate and recognize the call on Jesse’s life to pastoral ministry. An Ordination service is an agreement between a pastor, a congregation and our conference, to walk together in this body and community.

Lyn Dyck shared that Ordination is a process of discernment, testing, training and laying on of hands by which we recognize and affirm that the Holy Spirit has called Jesse to give his life to the church in pastoral leadership. It is a calling and commitment to a lifelong availability and competence for ministerial work. Jesse has demonstrated a love for ministry as pastor, as a member of the EMMC General Council, and on the Warman Provision Council of which he recently became chair.

The interview process with Jesse and Kelsey showed they exemplify what we look for in pastors we ordain as EMMC. They are genuine, carrying out the ministry in humility, with a deep love for the church and community. Jesse has demonstrated teach ability with a firm foundation of his beliefs. Kelsey has shown affirmation and respect for Jesse’s calling and a pastoral heart for ministry as his partner. In the act of Ordination we are confirming this call before the congregation and Jesus Christ as head of the church.

Pastor Jesse and Kelsey, Pastor Kelly, Murray Neufeld, Hepburn Gospel Church Chair and John Yoder member on the Warman Provisional Council participated in the Ordination Ceremony. Pastor Kelly asked the questions of Jesse and Kelsey to which they answered in the affirmative.

Murray shared how Jesse and Kelsey have lead with wisdom beyond their years in the challenges over the past two plus years. 2 Timothy 4:1 & 2 describes how Pastor Jesse has conducted himself and set the bar for the future. Murray asked the congregation to commit to supporting Jesse and Kelsey with personal affirmation, intercessory prayer and tangible encouragements so that they would be able to fulfill the ministry with joy and confidence. They responded, “We will”.

Pastor Jesse was presented with his Ordination certificate, and then they knelt for prayer and the laying on of hands.

Everyone was invited to a fellowship meal followed by a cake and piñatas adding excitement to the festivities.


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