New Site Launch

Welcome. We’re glad you stopped by to check out our New website. Since we have just launched this site, the information on it is still being developed and there is more to come. In the meantime feel free to browse and find out what we are about.


We are the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference. We are a diverse family of churches that are both urban and rural, stretching from Alberta to Ontario and into Mexico, Belize and Bolivia and all have a unique ministry we are called to.  As disciples of Jesus we desire to reflect the heart and character of God. Disciples of Jesus grow, not for the sake of growth or the sake of increased knowledge, but for the sake of loving God with all we are and loving our neighbor as ourselves. As we grow in our understanding of who we are and the church God has called us to be, we take action to a renewed obedience and response to Jesus' exhortation to "Make Disciples" in Matthew 28:18-20. This focus will result in God glorified.  

Upcoming Events


  • Region 2 & 3 Missions Meeting

    March 21, 2017
    Missions committees from our Churches in Manitoba (Region 2&3) will be getting together on Thursday March 23, 2017 at 6pm at the Morrow Gospel Church.  The Missions committees from our churches will have the opportunity to share with each other of the various missions their churches are involved in.  The EMMC home office has facilitated these meetings with each region separately in the past, and upon the suggestion of both regions; is helping bring them all together.  We look forward to encouraging each other in the unique ministry God has called each church too, and look forward to seeing areas where we can help each other out.  Doing together what we can't do alone.  
  • Leading with Vision Workshops Begin

    March 21, 2017
    Churches are beginning to book their Leading with Vision Workshops.  Darrell Kehler is heading up our Leadership Development Pilot project.  Darrell has noted that March and April have filled quite quickly and he is beginning to book churches into May.  Churches are excited about the insights they will receive.  We look forward to the feedback from the churches and the continuing development of this pilot project.  For more information, contact Darrell at the EMMC office 204-253-7929 or 204-381-9411 or email darrell.kehler@gmail.com .
  • Introducing Leadership Development pilot project

    February 01, 2017

    The leadership of EMMC is pleased to announce that Darrell Kehler will be heading up a Leadership Development pilot project for the EMMC. The term of the project will be from February 1 to July 31, 2017. Darrell will spend one day per week working out of the conference Winnipeg office with the rest of his time being mobile, working from home or out of region churches. 
    We are excited to see where God will lead as we seek to develop our leaders. Darrell will spend his first day in the office on February 1.
    Darrell Kehler