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Easter – Dying to Come to Life

Lent and Easter season bring a mixture of emotion and reflection for me. Even before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, there is a sense of heaviness that starts to envelop me. The season encourages us to reflect on the death of Christ, and to look at our own lives. What in our hearts needs to die? Weeding out those things that keep us from walking in freedom. Dealing with attitudes that stand in the way of relationships with those around us. Unforgiveness and anger rear their ugly heads in ways that we don’t expect, and need to be dislodged from their stronghold. All of that is tough heart-work.

It can become quite heavy – this reflecting on Lent. But we know that at the end of lament and heaviness, there is light – the Light of the World is waiting for the celebration. We long to celebrate the Risen Christ as His victory over death is the cornerstone of our faith.

In 2013, my husband George and I had the opportunity to travel to Israel, and have a fast-paced tour of some of the places where Jesus walked. The visit to the Garden of Gethsemane was somber as I tried to imagine what it would have looked like when Jesus spent the night praying, and later arrested and taken away. Time at the Garden Tomb was a holy moment as we were able to step into the empty tomb, where it is believed where Jesus was laid. We shared communion at the Garden Tomb with our tour group.

Like the empty tomb, our hearts can be transformed. Jesus’ resurrection empowers us to overcome our weaknesses and live victoriously. Easter isn’t a distant event but rather a daily reality. We wake up each morning knowing that Christ conquered death. Our hope rests in Him.

Easter isn’t merely a historical event; it’s a living truth. Jesus conquered death, offering us eternal life. As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, embrace the hope, transformation, and victory found in Christ. He is risen indeed!


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