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More Than a Skatepark (Antioch Community Ministry)

Antioch is more than just a skatepark and youth drop-in; it is a refuge for The Sask Valley Area. A vibrant space dedicated to communicating Christ with people who have fallen away or simply do not like church. With prayer, patience, and presence we use everyday interactions and interests to serve and encourage those who come through our doors.

By investing in Antioch, you are helping to provide a recreational haven unlike anything else in Saskatchewan -- not only improving the lives of young people but actively building The Kingdom of God! Construction has already begun on this 12,000 sq. ft facility, with completion set for the fall of 2024.

This facility will house an indoor skatepark, youth drop-in, and church plant. Lessons, contests, homework help, video games, billiards, concerts, birthday parties, Sunday services, and more are all part of the plan. To increase Antioch’s accessibility, admission to the indoor skatepark will be kept to a minimum. We are therefore seeking to raise as much as possible to offset our mortgage. Our goal for 2024 is $80,000.

Financial, in-kind and labour donations are tax-deductible. Donations will go entirely towards the building construction. Your investment is greatly appreciated!

It will enable us to provide a top-notch facility, programming, and staff that will positively impact many young lives.

We are so grateful for the financial support, encouragement, and involvement of Region 1 churches and the EMMC. Pray with us to make this a reality, and impact The Sask Valley.

Donations can be directed to EMMC with the designation to “Antioch”. Visit and select “Antioch” on the drop-down menu


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