The EMMC exists to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE our churches for effective ministry, EMPOWERING them to participate in God’s work in the world. Our international, regional and local ministries will focus on:

INSPIRING and FACILITATING local outreach and global missions.

EQUIPPING and RESOURCING local church ministries.

DEVELOPING and SUPPORTING pastors and leaders in our congregation.


We are the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference. We are a diverse family of churches that are both urban and rural, stretching from Alberta to Ontario and into Mexico, Belize and Bolivia and all have a unique ministry we are called to. As disciples of Jesus we desire to reflect the heart and character of God. Disciples of Jesus grow, not for the sake of growth or the sake of increased knowledge, but for the sake of loving God with all we are and loving our neighbor as ourselves. As we grow in our understanding of who we are and the church God has called us to be, we take action to a renewed obedience and response to Jesus’ exhortation to “Make Disciples” in Matthew 28:18-20. This focus will result in God glorified.

Current News

Teaching teachers in Bolivia

John and Naomi Hall are retired teachers, and make regular visits to Bolivia, holding teaching workshops. This is a valuable ministry and benefits the MEM teachers at Villa Nueva and Hacienda Verde schools. Here are some highlights of their time in Bolivia. Hot, hot, weather welcomed us to Bolivia, heat that even the locals were […]

Game Changers

Ladies, this one is for you! I spent a few years as a youth missionary and a youth pastor. I would get calls in the middle of the night. Or on a day off I would meet someone from church. To these people, I was still pastor. It is a 24/7 job to serve people, […]

Growing local leaders

When I returned from sabbatical in October I stepped into this new role, as a half-time position. I will also continue to serve half-time as a Community Minister. Director of Leadership Development is a role that has not existed at ICYA before, so it will continue to take shape in the coming months. I will […]

Much Rejoicing!

We are ending this year with much rejoicing! From seeing friends become new believers, to seeing Slovenes begin discipling each other, to talking about tithing in the new year as a church. God continues to do the hard work of changing hearts, and we walk alongside in faith and obedience.  As I reflect on this […]

Locals working at camp!

Recently someone asked me what the biggest highlight of summer 2018 was. My answer was: the change that took place in our local leaders. Each week in summer we have 12 to 15 campers come to our island camp. We have three or four cabin groups, with about four campers per cabin. Each cabin has […]

New People to Church

The Lord has been bringing some new people to the Northern Collective Church (NCC). A new believer was recently baptized which was a special moment for our church family. We also had a Thanksgiving dinner, lingering around the tables to visit and getting to know each other better. A number in our group do not […]

Finding Scripture in their own language

“People are happy to hear the Word of the Lord in our language.” Comments like that keep Plácido, Esteban, Hilario and David going in their ministry of distributing and promoting the Nahuatl Scriptures in Mexico. It is exciting to tell you that 2018 saw a greater increase in the number of Aztec people benefitting from […]

Role Change for Dave & Cheri

In May 2018, after serving with YWAM for 16 years in various roles, Cheri and I were asked to take on the directorship role of the YWAM centre for Gold Coast. We have felt amazing grace on us as we transitioned into this role with support from our co-workers. We had the incredible privilege of […]


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