Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference

We are a diverse family of churches that are both urban and rural,
stretching from Alberta to Ontario and into Mexico, Belize and Bolivia
and all have a unique ministry we are called to and serve in.

As disciples of Jesus we desire to reflect the heart and character of God.
Disciples of Jesus grow, not for the sake of growth or the sake of increased knowledge,
but for the sake of loving God with all we are and loving our neighbor as ourselves.
As we grow in our understanding of who we are and the church God has called us to be,
we take action to a renewed obedience and response to Jesus’ exhortation to
“Make Disciples” in Matthew 28:18-20. This focus will result in God glorified.

The EMMC exists to EQUIP and ENCOURAGE our churches for effective ministry,
EMPOWERING them to participate in God’s work in the world.
Our international, regional and local ministries will focus on:

INSPIRING and FACILITATING local outreach and global missions.

EQUIPPING and RESOURCING local church ministries.

DEVELOPING and SUPPORTING pastors and leaders in our congregation.

Ministry Updates


Kelly Lesser, EMMC Pastor of Care and Missions We are pleased to announce that Kelly Lesser has been hired as the EMMC Pastor of Care and Missions. He is the current pastor of the Morden EMM Church in Manitoba. Kelly will begin his new role on June 1, 2021. We desire to be a family […]

Walking In Faith

Lori has been working with Inner City Youth Alive for the past 17 years in the Bridge Drop-in Program. The Bridge provides a safe and fun environment for kids and teenagers to connect with caring adults, learn and grow in faith, and develop leadership skills. Dan, Lori and Finley continue to navigate work and home […]

God Is Still Moving

Travis and Krystalyn Harms work with InterAct Ministries of Canada in Thompson, Manitoba. They enjoy camping, walking their family dog Rover, and exploring the hidden gems of Northern Manitoba! “Join in with what God is already doing”! While I was a student at Steinbach Bible College, I had the opportunity to serve in many different […]

We Are Grateful

We are Jenna and Dylan Brauner, and we currently live at Camp Cedarwood with our son Eli. What a wonderful winter it has been so far to be living in the woods! I (Jenna) served my first summer at Camp Cedarwood in 2010, and Dylan in 2013. We served a few summers before taking a […]

Time For A Change

From the very beginning of the Sos Kundi translation project, my translation partner Elvira and I have concentrated on training Sos Kundi people so that someday they would be able to take ownership of the translation project. God gave us the privilege of helping the Sos Kundi people to have His word in their language, […]

We Enjoy Ministering

We are Shawn and Nathalie Reeve. Along with our children Benjamin and Kaylee, we are missionaries with EMMC serving with Pioneers our sending agency. We enjoy ministering as a family and are so blessed to have you all as our church family! A special thank-you to Morrow Gospel, Bergfeld Mennonite Church, St. Pierre Bible Fellowship […]