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Bolivia Missions Evening in Aylmer

Sunday evening July 16, the Aylmer EMMC in Ontario hosted an evening of reporting and sharing by individuals involved in Low German ministries in Bolivia. All of these people had come to Ontario to participate in the Plautdietsche Medienkonferenz which was held July 12-14 in Aylmer.

Abe and Margaretha Harder, MEM Team Leader shared a few photos providing people a glimpse of their every day life in Bolivia. They gave an overview of MEM team members and their responsibilities and an introduction to the ministry of MEM.

Ben and Bertha Kauenhofen have just completed their first year of ministry in Bolivia among Low German speaking people. The first few months they focused on settling in and finding their way around. Getting their paperwork in place so they could stay in Bolivia was a priority.

Life continues, whether you are in Bolivia or in Canada. While they were in Bolivia, Bertha’s father passed away, and a few months later, a new grandbaby was born. Through it all, God is provided the strength and confidence that they were exactly where they needed to be.

Building relationships with people is a priority. That allows for deeper conversations and the opportunities to walk along side those who are needing care and support.

Radio ministry plays a key part in reaching people in Bolivia. Peter Klassen left the colony just over three years. He moved to Hacienda Verde where he became a believer. He is now working full time with the radio ministry. This was his first visit to North America, so there was a lot for him to absorb.

Jake and Dorothy Fehr had their introduction to Aylmer by attending the Plautdietsche Medienkonferenz. This was their first visit to this area of Ontario. Fehrs are involved with Spanish radio work in Bolivia.

The audience was given the opportunity to ask questions at the conclusion of the reporting.

Listening to the stories of how God continues to lead and guide the ministries in Bolivia was eye-opening and encouraging. Continue to pray for all those who are involved in Bolivia ministries.

Report can be viewed at and click on Bolivia Missions Report.


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