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Follow Me

The path was crowded, narrow, noisy, lots of people and buzzing with activities and distractions. Our guide was putting his long legs and height to good use as he maneuvered his way through the din. Those who were right behind him were stationed at strategic points so when the rest of the group caught up, these trusted individuals could point the stragglers towards the guide who continued to make his way to the destination. The guide knew where he was going. He knew that some followers weren’t quite as fast or able to keep up with him. He put others in place to help the team arrive at their final destination.

We all arrived at the meeting place, but each of us had observed different things as we pushed our way through the crowd. Some saw the beautiful fabrics hanging in the market stalls while others caught a glimpse of children playing with pebbles beside the path. Others were intrigued by the trinkets and souvenirs offered while some were overwhelmed with the confusion and noise.

That is sort of the way it is when we follow our leader Jesus. He knows the way, He leads us and creates a path for us. Along the way, there are those who help provide direction when things seem unclear. Others will provide beauty with their talents and gifts. Some are there offering encouragement to continue through the tough part of the journey.

All eyes are on Jesus – watching His lead, following His example, taking on His character, becoming more like Him each day. One day we will be with Him when we reach Heaven, our final destination.

I Know What Lies Ahead

(recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys)

This road I'm on is strait and narrow

But it leads to a better home

It was laid by Christ one day at Calvary

While He suffered all alone

This road may lead over many high mountains

And valleys dark and low

But I'll walk each day with sweet assurance

And I'll safely reach my home

Ahead there's joy and gladness

And rest for the weary soul

Ahead there's peace and contentment

Everybody will be happy and whole

I'll be at home with Jesus

Where tears will never be shed

Though often this road gets rough and rocky

Still I know what lies ahead

While on this road I get so weary

And often my feet would stray

But a gentle hand still leads me onward

And helps me find the way

As I climb each hill and cross each valley

By His hand I'm daily lead

But I won't look back gonna keep on walking

For I know what lies ahead

~ Sylvia Jean Canter


This article was originally published in The Recorder Vol 60 No. 2


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