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Introducing new pastor

Hague Gospel Church, Saskatchewan

The Hague Gospel Church congregation is excited to introduce their new pastor couple, Russell and Sue Wilson. The Wilsons were welcomed on August 21, 2022 with a coffee and muffin breakfast. Russell’s start date was August 15.

Pastor Russ has had the privilege to lead a number of churches both rural and city, small, single staff churches as well as larger multi-staff churches. He has church planted in Canmore Alberta and been a Denominational Executive where he had the privilege of overseeing a group of churches across Western Canada. One of his great joys has been to lead numerous tours to Israel. In fact, if you are interested he will be leading another tour in the fall of 2023 so feel free to contact him at Hague Gospel Church for details.

We pray God’s blessings and guidance on the congregation and the Wilsons as they learn to minister together.


This article was originally published in The Recorder Volume 59 No 5


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