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My Thanksgiving List

My list can get very detailed, and may seem random. How do you capture the goodness of God and His faithfulness? Every day, I choose to turn my thanks-giving back to the One who holds me in His hands.

I am thankful for -
  1. Jesus, the saviour of my soul and the One in whom I have put my trust

  2. My husband George

  3. Our son and his family

  4. Our daughter and the beautiful friendships and connections she has brought to our lives

  5. Our amazing hockey-playing granddaughters who bring us much joy beyond their skills on the ice

  6. My family that consists of my brother, four sisters, their spouses, children and grand children

  7. George’s siblings and their families

  8. Our family of faith around the world

  9. The rich Anabaptist heritage of faith that has been modeled through generations and is evident in many people around me

  10. Our church family and friends

  11. Friends who are like family

  12. The ministries and opportunities that God has entrusted to me in my work environment, in my church connections, in my every day life

  13. Circumstances and individuals who provide learning opportunities

  14. The beauty, variety and wonder of nature

  15. Encouragement, love, support and care that is shared with brothers and sisters in faith and beyond

  16. Individuals who are trained to help when assistance is needed in different areas of life

  17. The everyday things around me that bring convenience (washer, dryer, vehicle, clean running water and the long list connected to that)

  18. Our home

  19. Health and life

  20. The change of seasons and the wonderful surprises that tag along with those changes

  21. Time spent with friends, developing a stronger relationship

  22. Memories of family and friends who have passed away, but have left their fingerprints in my life


This article was originally published in The Recorder Volume 59 No 5


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