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Pastor and Spouse Retreat

It had been a while since EMMC pastors and spouses had the opportunity to connect on an informal basis, and spend time in a relaxed setting. Kelly Lesser, Pastor of Care and Mission gave leadership to putting together a time of learning and interaction.

The retreat was held June 11 to 13 at Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre in Pinawa, Manitoba. The location on the Winnipeg River allows for beautiful scenery, walking trails, nearby golf course, canoeing and much more. Many of the 45 retreat attenders took advantage of these activities, and spent time exploring the area while carrying on conversations and building friendships.

Meal times were filled with laughter and conversation while enjoying the excellent food served by the amazing staff. And at no extra cost, the deer wandering across the lawn and the young fox snooping around the grounds created interest and distraction.

The retreat included times of worship, learning, prayer and encouragement together during the main sessions. The guest speaker for the retreat, Dr. Tim Geddert helped facilitate several sessions focused on the theme of “How to have healthy conversations in the Body of Christ.” Reflecting on his own experiences, he walked the group through what it looks like to talk about theological and practical faith issues in a healthy and edifying way.

These conversations are the introduction to the process we are beginning as a Conference to produce updated position statements about several current Theological issues within our churches and culture.

At different points during the teaching sessions, Kelly led the group through intentional and reflective prayer times which were very meaningful.

It was fun to hear the exchange of invitations to a different province or country, visit and preach in each other’s church, and make plans to keep in touch.

Lives were touched, insight deepened and friendships were strengthened. Being together in this way was a blessing and encouragement.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Timothy J. Geddert (Tim) is a professor of New Testament at Fresno Pacific University (Biblical Seminary) in Fresno, California. Tim grew up in Canada but has lived half his life in the US. He has also lived in Scotland and Germany, and thus brings to his teaching and writing a wide variety of experiences that give him insights into God’s work around the world.

Tim has written books on biblical interpretation, ecclesiology, and ethics in English and German, as well as commentaries on Mark and Luke.

He and his wife, Gertrud, have seven children, ranging in age from 11 to 44. His great passion is to inspire enthusiasm for Christian living, centered on Jesus, instructed by Scripture, and practiced in faithful believing communities.


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