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Pastoral Day Out (Region 6)

On March 5, the Region 6 pastors and their wives joined together for a day of fellowship and activity. The day started with lunch all together at Chicken Express in Belmopan and that gave the energy needed for a round of golf at the only course in Belize. What a great day to connect with those who are in full-time ministry in our region!

It was also great to welcome Herman & Mary Banman (Shipyard Pastor) and Diedrich & Tina Dyck (Region 6 Pastor) to the Pastoral Team of the region! And a bonus that Kelly Lesser, EMMC Pastor of Care and Mission could fellowship with the whole team all at once.

(left to right) Steward and Samantha Dyck (BC); Mary and Herman Banman (Shipyard); Tina and Diedrich Dyck (Region 6 Pastor); Blaine & Melissa Dueck (SPL); Henry & Sara Janzen (BC); Sherwin & Amberly Thiessen (SPL); Jesse Penner (BC); Kelly Lesser, Pastor of Care & Mission. BC = Blue Creek EMMC SPL = Spanish Lookout EMMC Shipyard = Gospel Fellowship Chapel


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