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Plautdietsche Medien Konferenz

It has been a busy time these past couple of months for everyone at the radio station here in Aylmer. Mennonite Community Services (MCS) hosted the 5th PMK (Plautdietsche Medien Konferenz) from July 12 to 14. The planning has actually been on and off for the past three years, having to postpone due to the pandemic. Though this was an MCS event, the majority of the organization was the responsibility of the radio staff.

There were 57 registrants and representatives from six different countries: Germany, Bolivia, Belize, Mexico, USA, Canada. The objective of the conference is to further the work of the Plautdietsch radio work in the various locations around the globe. Additionally, it is to improve on the Plautdietsch language and radio sound quality, as well as to develop a network to support this work.

At the conference, five workshops were offered for these purposes: Radio, Äwasaten (Translation), Norechten Toopstalen, (News Compilation), Schriewa von Ieeschtemma, (Writings of Yesteryear), and Schriewen (Writing).

The next conference is planned for 2025 in Bolivia.


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