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SBC Presentation

Every year, Steinbach Bible College invites the Executive Directors from each of their supporting conferences to attend a chapel session. This provides the leaders the forum in which to introduce ministries and opportunities within their family of churches to the college student body. During the lunch that follows, the executive directors are able to interact with staff and students and continue the conversations and answer questions.

January 15, Interim Executive Director Terry Hiebert represented EMMC at the Monday morning chapel. The students know him as Professor Terry, so to have him present as the Interim ED was a bit of a switch for some of them.

EMMC is thankful for the relationship between SBC and the conference. Many of our past and current leaders and constituents have attended SBC and received their training. We look forward to a long and strong relationship with SBC, and are excited about the leaders who are being trained and raised up through their education and relationships at the college.


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