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Seasons of Change

When I think about ‘seasons’, my thoughts immediately go to spring, summer, fall, winter. The changes in our weather is something that we can expect and even anticipate as it also connects with our day to day calendar and activities.

Seasons of life aren’t quite so predictable. We can look forward to milestone events like graduation, celebrations, specific birthdays and the like. The changes and subtle shifts that come along with those events are trickier to identify and prepare for.

Here at the EMMC office, we have known for almost a year that Lyn Dyck will be leaving his position as Executive Director at the end of January 2024. Our heads have known that fact. And yes, we have been communicating about the many things that need to be addressed like what happens to his email inbox messages when he leaves. Some areas of his involvement will need to have a new person step into a role on a board or committee. Those shifts have started to take place, and will continue to happen.

Not to get sappy here, but the Home Office Staff have a really great working relationship. We like each other, and appreciate the strengths that each of us bring to the team. It’s seldom that we are all in the office at the same time as some work from home a few days a week. When we are all together, it’s a good time and great conversations take place that spark ideas and generate new insight and understanding. We’ve learned a lot about each other and learned from each other. Soon, we will be learning to function with a different combination of office personnel.

Seasons of change go beyond our office setting. Each of us know of situations for friends and family members that have prompted adjustments that may not be that comfortable. Adjustments that include loss, grief and pain. Adjustments that have brought new life, renewal, anticipation and much joy. All this requires us to hold things loosely in our hands as the Lord gives, and the Lord removes things, situations and sometimes people, from our lives.

We can move through these changes with peace, knowing that we are held in His hands and that the Prince of Peace knows what we need for each situation. There is no guarantee that the transitions and shifting will be comfortable or easy.

As we here at EMMC Home Office go through a season of changes in the near future, we are trusting Him to provide grace for each day and wisdom in each circumstance. He will be the strength needed for each season of change.

Entering the Christmas season and the changes that it brings your way, I wish you peace, deep joy and contentment.

Merry Christmas!


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