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Staff time Around the Breakfast Table

January 10 was the 8th Annual Jreive Breakfast. EMMC Home Office Staff have celebrated the new year with a Crackle Breakfast and personal menu additions. Everyone pitches in to provide and prepare pieces of this spread! The menu always has Jreive, bread, coffee, fruit, hash browns, eggs. All the other add-ons vary, depending on staff preferences and favorites.

Lyn takes responsibility for prepping the Jreive; Darrell Kehler looks after hash browns and eggs; Kelly is on bacon duty. Lil handles providing the cheese and jam, making coffee and getting things organized on the table. Joyce is on bread and juice distribution and manages traffic flow. Darrell Dyck our Moderator makes sure that his schedule is clear so he can join in the festivities with fruit platter in hand (to ensure this a healthy breakfast). This year Terry Hiebert joined the group as the Interim Executive Director and contributed the salsa.

This all started eight years ago. A conversation at coffee break included the discussion of how Jreive should be prepared and served. There were variations as to whether they should be soft, crispy, dry or a little on the greasy side. A staff member at the time, was not familiar with the delicacy. Rather than trying to describe it to him, the decision was made to have a staff breakfast so he could sample and make his own conclusion. Jonathan became a Jreive convert. The breakfast tradition stuck (to our calendar and to our ribs) and we are happy to carry on the practise.

It was a great time of fellowship and laughter! Starting the New Year off sharing a meal and conversation helps set the tone for great things to come!



pl. noun

Cracklings, or grieva/jreive, are pieces of pork that are left-over from the lard making process.

Jreive - kjliene jebrodne Stekja fatjet Fleesch vom Schmolt utbroden biem Schwienschlachten, dee woaren meamol to Freestikj jebrot


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