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‘Stand Firm, Be Faithful’ (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Thomas Didiki

Papua New Guinea – Our friend and fellow translator, Thomas Didiki, went to be with the Lord in August. His final words echoed in our minds as the team pushed to finish Acts & Ruth. During his last days, he repeatedly encouraged his family and friends to ‘Stand firm, be faithful — finish the work’.

Praise God that the back translation of the books of Acts and Ruth have been completed (Dec—Jan ‘24) and sent off to the consultant.

Praise God the Kwomtari language has been granted Established Orthography Status.

For the Yalë people—Neighbours to the Kwomtari

Praise: Yalë Scripture portions and MegaVoice players are ready and waiting for the dedication weekend, May 3 to 5, 2024.

Pre-sales for the Yalë Scripture portions and MegaVoice players to continue. More than 1/4 of them have already been sold. Pray for diligence in promotion – the team walks many miles to reach all the villages.

Pray for Boaz as he submits a proposal for funds to help them prepare for the dedication guests and the celebration. Pray that he will receive a favorable response in plenty of time to make the needed purchases and get them safely to the village.

Please pray for a worshipful dedication ceremony filled with praise and thanksgiving for the Lord’s blessings.

Pray for receptive hearts as the Yalë grow in God’s Word and learn how to apply it in their lives. Pray that the Father continues to produce lasting fruit for generations to come.

April—May: Thanks for praying for us as we chose people for the recording of the translated scriptures. Please pray that these men will practice their assigned books. Recording sessions are booked for April 2-19 and May 14-30.

May 3-5th is the Yalë dedication.

June: We are scheduled to typeset all the consultant-checked scriptures. There are lots of steps leading up to actual typesetting; choosing pictures, deciding font and layout, checking all glossary entries, etc. We won’t be short of things to do between now and June.

We have numerous flights booked coming and going via the Guriaso airstrip. There is still some work required on this airstrip. Pray that the people there will be diligent in digging the required drains and keeping the grass short.

Please pray for a fast solution to the fuel issues in PNG! Puma Oil is the country’s sole provider of fuel—check the internet for more info. A lack of available fuel will affect all language programs in PNG, not just ours.

Please pray for health and energy for the translators, advisers, consultants, and people in the Kwomtari communities. Some of the men involved in the work in Wewak will be away from their families for weeks at a time. Since we do not have cell phone coverage they can’t just call to see how everyone is doing.

Pray for computer, printer and recording equipment protection during these next months. Also pray for reliable internet connections. Pray for quick resolution to Wi-Fi connection on Carol’s computer.

Pray for regeneration in the hearts of the Kwomtari as they turn from traditional beliefs and trust in Christ alone who can save them.

Home church: Altona EMMC, Manitoba


This article was originally published in The Recorder Vol 61 No 2


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