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An Update from Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Ministry in Pelly Crossing this summer looked different than what we had planned. Rather than going for visits, we went to officiate four funerals. The most difficult for us personally was that of a man in his 40’s who attended our youth group in the 90’s. There was no indication that he ever accepted Christ as Savior.

We were planning with a team from Northern Collective Church for a week of children’s ministry. COVID outbreaks affected many Yukon communities including Pelly and with the community going into lockdown, these plans were cancelled. Our hope is to visit monthly in the community. We went once in August and were able to visit in four homes.

Children’s Bible camps were cancelled once again this summer. Hidden Lakes Bible Camp (80 kms west of Watson Lake) decided to hold a family camp June 19-21 and asked Tony to speak. The theme Tony chose for the three sessions was When God Asks Us Questions. Up to 25 people attended and it was so good to connect with some whom we hadn’t seen in years. One bear and many mosquitos also decided to attend.

It was a joy to do orientation sessions on Member Care with our Candidates in May … in person at Big River Bible Camp, SK! What a precious group! All are beginning their ministries and continuing to raise support. The families with young children reminded us of 29 years ago when we, with Chris, took NCEM training.

Lifting of COVID restrictions has meant we don’t need to wear masks, can have tea and coffee and aren’t limited to 30% capacity! Another thing we are starting up again is the Invitation Team. This is where people meet for prayer before the service; then walk around the area streets to invite people to church and to pray for people if they are open to that.

NCEM leadership recently increased missionary support levels. The last increase came in 2018. For us, it increases from $5885 to $6300 a month. Living in a “Northern Zone,” our allowable is raised by a further 20%, which comes to $7560 a month.

You may ask, “Do Tony and Janet need $7560 each month?” No. But if we averaged $5000-$5500 a month (before deductions), it would meet our living and ministry expenses, plus allow us to save for other expenses. We are grateful for the $3411/mo. we have averaged the past year.

Did you know -

  • Chapels at Whitehorse Correctional Centre, halted in mid-June due to COVID, were restarted August 24. We have started a series on Bible heroes who spent time in jail.

  • We praise God for blessing Brett in being able to fully pay for his first year at Millar College of the Bible.

Please pray for -

  • The community of Pelly Crossing as they grieve.

  • Wisdom regarding ministry in Pelly Crossing for the coming year.

  • Wisdom as to what would be the best focus for future chapels at Whitehorse Correctional Centre.

  • Janet and her weekly phone Bible study with two ladies from Pelly.

  • Our monthly support needs.

Home church: Altona EMMC, Manitoba

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