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Baskets of Love

The months of May and June were tough on the MEM Team in Bolivia. Many of them struggled with COVID - some were much sicker than others. Team member BENNY FEHR passed away June 2. The team rallied around Ester and the children as they grieved his loss. Then a week later, RUBEN MERCADO, a LIEAB pastor, leader, mentor and friend also died of COVID. Again various team members rallied around his wife Guadalupe and the family. The loss of these two brothers has taken its toll on the MEM Team.

Abe and Margaret Harder, pastor at the Villa Nueva Church, Bolivia receiving their "Basket of Love"

The MEM Board arranged to have gift baskets delivered to the team members as a small way to lift their spirits and recognize the pain and loss they all experienced.

A huge thanks to Dorothy and Jake Fehr for putting together beautiful baskets for each MEM Team member. Those with young family members received age-appropriate toys and gifts. Some of the items in the baskets included a much-appreciated premium blend coffee, hot chocolate packets, good quality cheese, pepperoni/ salami sticks, toys for the kids, and other favorites for the individuals.

Jake and Dorothy are also involved in radio ministry in Bolivia and connect with the MEM Team.


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