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Challenge Followed With Blessings

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Paracho, Mexico – Our housing situation has been a challenge for some time. In December we faced threats of being evicted. The former owner was determined to take the house back from the current owner. In February, we returned from a team meeting in the city, to find that the former owner had changed the locks and put chains on the front gate. After several hours of the lawyer trying to reason with her, it was agreed that we could access our belongings and move them out of the house.

Through various connections, we were able to find a new place to live. A pastor in Paracho, a small city about half an hour from Corupo was able to find a place for us.

Now we have a spacious house again, after being extremely crowded in the other place. And instead of a latrine and a cubby-hole for bucket baths, we now have three bathrooms with running water. We miss the peaceful environment of our former house but we are very grateful for the Lord´s provision of more adequate housing. We are also very grateful that our son Josiah was with us; he was a big help in all the upheaval of moving and getting settled in.

Another blessing of our new home is that we live next door to the pastor family who found us the house. They have two children about Josiah´s age and we are so glad that finally he has someone his age to hang out with. The family sells hamburgers, tacos, etc. in the evenings and several times a week they want us to join them for a late supper (and they never let us pay them). Since we need to be back from Corupo before it gets dark, it works out well to spend some evenings with our neighbors.

Another good thing that we are trusting God for is that our way of handling the situation would have been a positive testimony to that family as well as others who found out what happened. In a culture that is quick to take revenge or harbor unforgiveness we want people to see that there is another way to handle difficult situations.

We praise God for the bountiful blessings we are enjoying after the difficult valley. May God bless each one for your part in His work.


Pete and Cathy work with WEC International, Church planting. Home church: Aylmer EMMC, Ontario


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