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Everyday moments

Port Colborne, ON – As I reflect on the past few months, I can’t remember anything earth-shattering, but I can remember a lot of beautiful, everyday moments. Seeing a colourful sunset while out on a walk. Playing games with my friends’ kids. Buying groceries for someone in need. Getting to know my neighbours. Meeting with my therapist. Catching up with an old friend. Taking a nap. Visiting the farmer’s market. It reminds me of these wise words for author and researcher Brene Brown: “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”

What about you? What are your ‘everyday moments’?

Late August, I joined an international group in the USA to plan a training for TeenStreet small group leaders. TeenStreet, a ministry of OM, “is a global movement of young Jesus followers that journey in community and share God’s love with those who have never experienced his love.”

While I went expecting to be a participant, due to last-minute changes I ended up facilitating most of the planning process. It was a bit stressful, but I’m glad to say we finished the week with an outline of the training that will be piloted in different countries over the next few months. I’m staying on with the team as a consultant until the training is ready to be launched. It’s nice to do something connected to teenagers again, as that’s where I started 10+ years ago.

Part of my work is training others on the basics of designing online learning. This results in more and better-quality training to equip people for mission. Here’s some of the participant feedback:

“I am so excited to have been able to take part in such a high-quality, custom-designed course for OM missions.” ` Rene from Canada

“What I have learned will directly help our team to move our course online. Our training not only provides awareness and mobilising opportunities; but it has the potential to open doors for ministry in least-reached places.” ` Jessica from South Africa

I’m facilitating the training now (September) and will again in November.

Praise & Prayer:

  • Praise: I received by Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation

  • Pray: for upcoming travels

  • Pray: for the trainings I am involved in to equip and empower others

  • Pray: for good rest, energy, and strength for recovery

Home church: Winkler EMMC, Manitoba


This article was originally published in The Recorder Volume 59 No 5


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