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Fairford Outreach

Glencross Mennonite Church, Manitoba

A team of about 20 people from our congregation prepared for a time of ministry to another community. We held day camps for the children at Fairford First Nation from July 25 to 29. We were blessed with a team of volunteers who were able to share the gospel using many different God-given gifts and talents. We had four full afternoons of activities, Bible stories, singing, crafts, baseball and games, and snacks.

The focus for the week was how God is good when things are going well, but also when life seems unfair, sad, scary, and when life changes. We were able to talk to the children about how God takes care of us and shows us his goodness when things are hard. The Bible stories that were shared: The Israelites being slaves for the Egyptians; God sent plagues to the Egyptians; the Israelites built a memorial to remember God’s goodness; Jesus dies and comes back to life. The children were interested and willing to participate with answers when given the opportunity. They memorized verses and we prayed for them and with them. We came equipped with a pamphlet explaining salvation. One boy accepted Jesus as his Saviour when one of the team members explained the pamphlet to him.

We have learned from past visits to Fairford that making connections with the adults in the community is appreciated by them and is important. Cookies were delivered to homes, taking this time to interact with families. Handmade stuffed animals were given to young children of these homes.

We held a community BBQ where the children from summer camp had the opportunity to share verses and songs they learned earlier in the week. It was a privilege to be able to see some of the fruits of the ministry in this way. The children were enthusiastic to share. The families and friends who came were appreciative and excited to see their children involved with this mini program.

We as a team are thankful for the many prayers leading up to and during the week we were at Fairford. The financial support and generosity in providing meals for us during that week are very much appreciated.

Each team member came with a unique gift and together made this a week we will long cherish after this summer.


The Pinaymootang First Nation, also known as Fairford, is situated 240 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg. The native language is Ojibway. The population is at 2812; on-reserve 1233 and off-reserve of 1579. Approximately 50% of the on-reserve population is under 20 years of age.



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